Do you do your video and audio together?

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My new boss seems to think a 10 minute video should take 10 minutes to create.

This would be a reasonable assumption if you have experience in public speaking, know your subject matter intimately and can memorize a script, or at least memorize key items you need to touch on.
None of the above applies to me.
You would think it would be easy, given all I'm doing is recording the screen - no video cam work.

My approach was to take the advice from a Camtasia 8 pdf tutorial - record the screen and add the audio later, along with arrows, close-ups, etc.  Apparently, this is how the pros do it. This works well for me and I can feel I'm getting better at it.  However, it takes a lot longer than 10 minutes.  My previous boss was fine with this.

Any advice on doing it straight through?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there

Surely your boss has presented presentations using PowerPoint. And you might ask him or her if they present to an audience for 10 minutes if it took them 10 minutes to prepare the PPT presentation.

I'm sure it's difficult to estimate production times. Perhaps it would behoove you to try something with a very short duration. Just do all you need to do to make that production the quality you need it to be. So you would note how long the actual recording is, then you would note exactly how much time you spent on making the edits to get it to a presentable condition. And that should provide a baseline for your production ratio. And that may surprise you a great deal to see how long it actually takes. For example, if your recording is one minute long, you may find that it takes you 20 minutes to edit and produce it. And that would be a 20:1 ratio.

Of course, actual production times will vary depending on your level of experience with the process and the features you are using. And hopefully, as you gain more experience that ratio will drop a bit. But in no case would I say that something 10 minutes long would just take the time you spend recording it. Unless, of course, it's a bit of a "one off", where quality simply doesn't matter and you just need to demonstrate something and have it unpolished where you just present it, warts and all.

Hopefully this was helpful in some way. I'm pretty sure others will pop in with other advice as well.

Cheers... Rick :)
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As Camtasia stuff is often considered to be eLearning, you may find the articles linked below to be of value.

Article One
Article Two

Cheers... Rick :)
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My last video was 12min 30sec. It took about 25 hours over a week.
Lots of splices, transitions, effects, captions and music.

I do my audio and video together. But here's my process:
I record the screen and audio with Camtasia. I record myself with a camcorder. I then edit them together, using the audio captured by Camtasia.
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If I'm am the subject matter expert doing my own tutorial, it is more efficient to:

1) Record narration during the presentation.
2). Pause and re-record as I go, to correct mistakes (always are)
3) Edit later.

And, ask your boss how long he thinks it takes to build a stretch of road that only takes 10 minutes to travel!
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Does anyone have a  study that was done on creating video content for eLearning and how long it takes?  This might be for someone trying to charge for their creations...?