Does anybody else think that this is at least pathetic that till this day Camtasia has no recording time preset?

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Camtasia does not have a simple feature that is recording time preset. Movavi, PowerDirector and other apps have it. Camtasia does not. The user has to mess up with Windows Scheduler, which in this era of software is unacceptable. It suggests that there is a significant room for improvement at their voice of customer and programming capability... 
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Posted 11 months ago

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I agree.  There are many on-line live presentations that I would like to screen capture when I am not available.
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I'm curious what situations that you would use a preset for?

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Yes, I can see that JC.

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I totally agree that a recording timer would be a very nice feature to have, but I also totally disagree that the lack of such a feature is considered "pathetic". At least, it isn't to me. 

From the things I've seen and understand, the team looks at what is possible to achieve as well as assessing the desirability of the user base for certain features. And they implement according to what they perceive will be a a nice balance.

I'm sure they are all too aware that their decisions likely won't sit well with a certain segment of the users.

What seems like a "no brainer" or "a cakewalk" from our perspective may be very difficult to implement from their technical perspective. Additionally, I'm sure they are faced with trying to keep future development in mind. For example, they may be planning an update that will include something that will accomplish the same thing being requested, but in a much different way that the requester thinks of.

Cheers... Rick :)
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People have been requesting this feature for years. I won't say a lot of people, but Camtasia is supposed to be the number one screen recording program.

I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement ? But it's not rocket science either.

Recordzilla has been doing it for years.

I don't know how good the recorder is. It's only $29.95 to purchase. You save it as video AVI, WMV, Flash SWF, or Flash FLV.
So it must be a pretty old program as far as updates are concerned. 


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While not a show stopper for me  what Joe posted looks like something I could utilise.
I actually see if being useful for IT Support staff that want to capture between specific times to fault find.

However this would mean the would required a Enterprise type of  licences as it would be installed on any computer  that they wanted to run this on.

It might be possible to actually utilise this method like the keyloggers work that steal keyboard data transparently.  In this case it would the information  on the screen that someone else is working on!  Just slipped to the other side for a moment:)

In my case I generally do real time capture that is I am sitting at the computer start and stopping it.

I would like to know @Maciej T how you utilise this.  What are you capturing often enough that you aren't there?

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To those wondering why? Many webinars and presentations that I am recording for my company's internal use, last certain time, like 55 minutes, for example. If I had a timer, I could go on do something else, attend another meeting or anything that I have to do, rather than trying to be on time when presentation ends, or otherwise (if my other duties take a while) I have sometimes hours of blank video file to cut out, taking unnecessary space and decreasing the life of my laptop's SSD (yes. it does matter). I could also set a recording of a material while I am going out home and have the raw file ready next day to edit. It is that simple and it really tempts me to move back to Movavi. Having a timer is no rocket science, really, from a programming viewpoint. It just takes a little effort and willingness to listen to the customers - and as I see this issue perpetuating among Camtasia users for years now on this forum - then YES, it is pathetic that they still did not add it. It's how I view it.