Does anyone have a working process to import YouTube caption files into Camtasia?

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YouTube does a fantastic job creating captions for my videos with its auto speech to text (Camtasia does a rubbish job of speech to text - its unusable). I can export the YouTube captions but they are in .SBV format which Camtasia can't load. I can convert .SBT to both .SMI and .SRT  with online converters but i haven't found a converter that Camtasia is happy with. 3playmedia converter does the best job making .SMI but there are <BR> characters all through the caption text that need deleting.

Any ideas?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I don't YouTube, but just brainstorming here ...

what are the differences between an SRT made from a converted YouTube captions export and an SRT made from a Camtasia captions export?  since SRTs are a text file, examine with a text editor

regarding the <BR> characters, have you tried removing using a find/replace function?

could you put a sample SRT on so we could look at it ourselves?
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You can download a .srt from Youtube that should work fine in Camtasia.

You still will need to review it for accuracy but thats the case with any auto generated voice to text conversion.

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I’m a huge Camtasia fan, but if you are serious about an efficient captioning workflow, it won’t include Camtasia or its dependence on the less than adaquate Microsoft built in speech to text engine. Don’t bother. I don’t start the captioning process until I finish rendering my Camtasia project. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking or the auto transcribe feature in YouTube to transcribe, and a tool like SubTitle Edit (PC - free) or Movie Captioner (PC and Mac — very reasonable ) to create captions and the file formats I need. The YouTube auto sync feature is very good if you bring in a transcript, but the editing features are a little clunky. In other words, I’ve found that adding captions after finishing in Camtasia is the way to go. I don’t use the Camtasia player because of its accessibility issues. Good Luck!
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Thanks Susan. The YouTube speech to text has become very accurate and fast in the last few months. And its free.

I agree about the inbuilt speech to text
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Thanks very much to Dubie for the best answer.

My issue was that was editing the captions in YouTube and in edit mode if you request download you only get the .sbv file. If you go out of edit mode by publishing the edits you can export in .srt format which Camtasia can read. So the full working workflow is as follows
1. Create the video in Camtasia
2. Upload the video to Youtube
3. Go to Subtitles/CC tab in YouTube creator studio
4. Click on the Language(Automatic) subtitles that YouTube creates automatically - you have to wait a short while = approximately one minute wait per minute of video
5. Edit the automatic captions in the YouTube editor - for me it doesn't need much but I add punctuation and correct a few things - usually the corrections are just when I mis-said something.
6. Save the edits by clicking publish
7. Now you will see a second lot of edits - in my case the are called 'English', the YouTube original edits are called English (Automatic)
8. Click on your new edited captions - 'English'  (Don't go into edit mode)
9. Click on Actions --> .srt  this will export a .srt caption file to your downloads folder
10. Click Import Captions ... the .srt file in Camtasia captions mode screen

This is a pretty clean workflow
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Ok, my problem with this process is that modifying the cc in youtube is really buggy and painful. I tried exporting a .srt into camtasia and it reads all the French characters wrong, any idea how I could fix this utf problem? thx (and no a find and replace won't work as both é and è are replaced by the rectangle.)
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Someone else may have dealt with the same situation and hopefully post a solution for you.

Camtasia does not support a lot of fonts (OTF type for instance) so the problem may be a result of that.

I would suggest to get a possible solution quicker would be to contact support on this one.

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