does camtasia 9 work better with windows 10 than camtasia 8?

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I am running camtasia 8 on a fairly new windows 10 machine.  Camtasia 8 it has never been reliable but TechSmith always indicated that they would eventually fix all problems to stop the hangs and crashes.  With camtasia 9 now out it is unlikely that 8 is ever going to work will on windows 10 so it is either live with unstable 8 or go to unknown 9.   My question is what has been user's experience so far with camtasia 9 and windows 10?  is camtasia 9 enough of a rewrite that it is reliable with windows 10 or is it just as subject to hangs, crashes, and bugs as camtasia 8?  I do not want to sink another $100 to go to camtasia 9 only to find many of the same problems that i have learned to work around with version 8.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Too early days to conclude in this, but my experience with it during the last three weeks have been quite good. A rather steep learning curve in the transitioning from version 8,though.
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I have been using Camtasia 8.6 on a computer that is nearly 4 years old and I have never had any crash problems or hangs with the software.  This may be because I am using a computer that has sufficient RAM on my motherboard (16 GB) and a high end Raedon video board in my system.  If you are running on  a minimal system that is laboring to handle a high demand graphics program such as Camtasia 8.6 then you will likely encounter the same problems, if not more of them, if you choose to upgrade to the still-in-beta version of Camtasia 9.

Before upgrading to Camtasia 9 you should do two things.  First, think about replacing your computer with a top-of-the-line system that is maxed out with the highest amount of RAM that it will hold and ensure that the RAM installed on your system is the highest speed RAM that you can find/afford.  The second thing that you need to do is to read about the many, many operational problems that come with Camtasia 9.  Although Camtasia 9 is being sold as a complete package, from what I have seen on this board and what I experienced personally with Camtasia 9 it is far from ready for mass distribution.  If you believe that Camtasia 9 will solve all of your current performance problems I believe that you will be sadly mistaken.  If you are trying to run Camtasia on a low end system that you paid around $500.00 for, then you will be disappointed with Camtasia 9 and, I would bet, all of Camtasia's competitors.

If you doubt any of these comments, then why not download and install the FREE 30 day trial of Camtasia 9 and see for yourself.  Doing so will not adversely affect your version of Camtasia 8.6 and you too will be bale to experience the hideous, all black, nearly unreadable and unchangeable "new, professional look" of the Camtasia 9 UI as well as all of the changes that were made to Camtasia to mollify the users of Apple computers in an effort to make Camtasia palatable to them while ruining Camtasia for the 99% of the computing world, i.e. Windows OS users.
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thanks for the information on camtasia 9

I can assure you that the problems with 8 is not a hardware limitation, it is an extremely high end CAD station.  hang/crash problems with camtasia 8 under windows 10 are well reported and have been since well before windows 10 release.


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yes it is the software not the hardware, if you are not getting any crashes & hangs on camtaisa 8.6 it's because you are not doing a complex edit, lots of footage from different videos & lots of cuts & transitions, 8.6 cannot handle it after about 3 minutes long, at 5-6 minutes long on complex edits it crashes every 1-2 minutes.  9.0 seems much better, but it has a piece of shit UI, compared to 8.6
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Camtasia 8 crashing is not related to computer power. I also have 16 Go of Ram and a GTX 760 4Go video card. Camtasia 8 was crashing 3 times a day on 6min+ videos and regularly on smaller projects.

I personaly like the new UI look. But I agree with Tim on installing the trial. That is the only thing for you to do. No crash for me for about 20 hours. The 64bit of V9 probably helps.
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thanks. can all files made with the trial version of 9 be opened with version 8?
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Camtasia 8 can not open files from Camtasia 9 but Camtasia 9 can open files from 8.
That is backward compatibility like most programs.
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Thanks.  that is very useful information to know.  Camtasia 9 can't even save files in camtasia 8 format?
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No it can't

this has been so with every version of Camtasia; it is a normal consequence of upgrading the design of many complex software tools
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While I had only a few crashes in Camtasia 8, I have had fewer crashes in Camtasia 9. Also my ability to save out a project and send it to another editor using Camtasia 3 for Mac has been useful. I'm sure they'll fix more bugs over time.