Does Camtasia Give Viruses?

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No. Some versions give you a virus, but the one you should download is when you go to google and type in "Camtasia Download" and click the first link. Download the Camtasia and voila.
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Posted 3 years ago

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No. None of the software coming from TechSmith directly will give a Virus. However if you are using a pirated/illegal download from an unknown source then yes those kind of files are most likely going to have Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Etc. that can cause some major issues for your computer. I know a lot of people are tempted to use software from sites like that as the software they want may not be in there budgets but I would suggest that they try the Trial Version of any software first and try to save the money for the full version from a know source directly from the developers.

The best place to get TechSmith Software from is directly from the site below which is:

Also, when on a site that gets your credit card, debit card information make sure it is secure and hast the https: in the title and always check for security.

Your link to the Answers website did not answer anything on TechSmith Software but may be a useful website to research to find some answers. I would recommend that a person never downloads any files that are not from a known source as stated above and never open an email you do not know the source of or if you are not expecting it from someone. Especially downloads that have the .exe extensions in which unless I know the source it is coming from I would not download as .exe's can have Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Etc. in them even sometimes if they are from someone you may know. The reason being is that if their computer has any of the infected files in which they may or may not know themselves then it will crossover to your computer when opened.

And before someone says anything about if you get a virus or other malicious files do a restore to an earlier point then that may or may not work as there are some tricky viruses, backdoors, malware, trojans, etc. that get by your Windows OS and re-install them without you knowing. This is not for all situations but happens without a user knowing so if it is a real bad virus, etc. then it is highly suggested to just Format the Hard Drive and re-install the Windows OS and all your known good software to get up and running again. Some will disagree with me on this issue and others will agree but, from my experience in doing computer repairs this is what I have learned through some of the best Techs out there. I am not certified in repair but deal with friends all the time who are and have taught me some things I never knew. Sorry for the long post but wanted to make everything clear here and try to provide some more input on this subject.

This is why I recommend a good Virus Software and Malware Software and always scan any files before opening or installing them onto your system. Just my advice and opinion and I hope it helps others too.

Best Regards ~ Fred.