Don't change the font sized in callouts based on the size of the object or the amount of text.

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We create lots of screen recordings and annotate them with text boxes. I have a set of standards on what the callouts look like and I need the font size to be fixed and consistent across projects. If I use legacy callouts, the font remains fixed BUT I can't see the cursor in the callout so editing is a nightmare.

If I use other callouts, the font size randomly changes based on the actual text and the size of the callout. Why is that? It makes no sense to me.

We need our projects to look the same, no matter who creates them. Randomly changing the font size does not allow this to happen. We really need to have fixed font sizes for all types of callouts and to be able to see the cursor within the callout box when editing.

I think this is a reasonable request.

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Posted 3 years ago

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a workaround for the hard-to-see cursor in legacy callouts is to use shift-left/right arrows to draw a selection until you see that you're where you want to be

or, try working over a [temporary] dark background
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Should perhaps be a toggle here, selecting to allways keep size ( indicating in a suitable manner when the box is too small for the text), or toggling on a resize font according to the amount of text put into the frame.
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I'm going to bring this one back to the surface again.
People DO notice when fonts are woefully inconsistent in size. It may not be a conscious noticing, they may not say "Oh, that looks like 14 point and that looks like 18 point", but somewhere in the back of my mind their subconscious will be saying "Wow that looks amateurish".
I for one would PREFER to have the option of producing things that don't look amateurish by being able to set the EXACT pixel sizes of callouts and the EXACT size of fonts.
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I agree. Let me enter my text into a callout and then change font size and / or callout size independently of each other. This is a real problem, slowing down development.
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Could not agree more. Like Patti initially posted, we work with text boxes constantly and the font has to be the same size! We're considering rolling back to Camtasia 8 because of the auto-scaling font and not being able to see the cursor is awful. 
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This issue has been driving me mad as I could not work out why the font kept changing, not until I googled it. It seems a really silly feature to have, and, makes my videos look unproffessional where font size is not consistant throughout, please fix asap!!
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TechSmith--This is a genuine issue in 2018 regarding the auto-scaling. Why haven't you responded?
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Official Response

Hello, here's a feature improvement we're considering adding. Essentially it's a toggle between auto-resizing text and resizing the object to fit the text. Please view the video and leave any constructive feedback / comments you have in it.


Camtasia Technical Product Manager

Mobile Technical Product Manager
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This is a really frustrating issue. The video looks like litterally exactly what is need. Any update on when that will be implemented? @brooks
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We REALLY need this feature.  Stop doing font size automatically, PLEASE!
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Ought to maybe be a switch here, choosing to always keep size, or flipping on a resize textual style as indicated by the measure of content put into the edge.mybkexperience