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(This idea is something we’ve heard from customers over time from several of our sources of feedback. We’re posting it here to gauge how well this fits our users’ needs. So please let us know what you think.)

When speed is the name of the game, you don't always want to have to hit Save As..., save to a PNG, choose a location for the file, and then find it in Windows Explorer. There is the Copy All button in Editor, but there are occasions when you need an actual file and not an image on the clipboard. It would be great to be able to drag directly from the tray to create a PNG and drop it wherever you need it.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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Official Response
Hello all! This was released today in Snagit 2018.

It even works with multi-select :) Here it is in action:

Thank you to all the beta testers that gave feedback on how this worked!

Snagit 2018 is a paid update.
There is upgrade pricing available. You can upgrade from any previous version of Snagit and get this pricing.
If you are currently paying for maintenance, this update is included for free.
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Nice little movie clip. However, some information on how to implement this would be helpful. According to "Check for Updates", I am running the current version of Snagit (2018.1.0 (90427)) but I cannot find a way to get this feature working.
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I discovered by accident that my Mac version 4.1.9 could drag from the tray directly to Finder and change it to a PNG and WOW is that great. I'm one of your many customers who use Snagit for genealogy, and this is a real time-saver. I can keep Finder open on a second screen, drag the capture directly into the folder (usually nested at least 3 levels down but right on screen in Finder) and then re-name. Saves so much time not having to click/SaveAs/drill down to folder, etc. AND it doesn't leave an extra .snagproj file in the tray that I have to trash. Just wanted to let you know that this is a terrific feature, especially for your genealogy-use customers. I am always promoting Snagit for this use and have given a number of seminar sessions about Snagit for Genealogy.
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Great example of the time-saving of this feature...thanks for using Snagit and for sharing this!
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Even though I'm a PC user, this feature has been an honest to goodness game changer for me. Whereas before, I had to snag an image, then be sure to save it and give it a file name, then go use it by pointing to it, it's now so simple. Snag the image, then drag from the tray to whatever application. So so simple as compared to before.