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I would enjoy exporting Snagit files to my DropBox and to my iDisk as well !
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Posted 8 years ago

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Great suggestion, Michael. I would like to see this as well on both PC and Mac
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Can you create an accessory to send Snagit screen captures directly to Dropbox?

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Dropbox Accessory.
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this is very much needed indeed!
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I want to bump this, it's a much needed feature.
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Yes, but after having sent the screenshot to Dropbox, it should copy the cloud-link to this Dropbox item to the clipboard!
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I'm still waiting for dropbox integration
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It blows my mind Dropbox integration is not added yet. This has been a requested feature for at least two years according to these forums. What is stopping the dev team from adding Dropbox support? My company officially uses Snagit however I have personally used an alternative open source alternative called Greenshot because it has absolutely perfect Dropbox integration. I would like to conform to my companies standard and use Snagit, but there's really no incentive to if it doesn't perform the specific task I need it to (simple Dropbox integration that automatically copies a public link to the Windows clipboard upon taking a screenshot).
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Hey Justin,

There is a work around here that might work for you: https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/dropbox_integration_for_snagit

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Thank you for the reply Logan. Sadly that's just not a viable long term option in my opinion so it isn't worth setting up. It's not what people have been asking for. I want my screenshot sharing to be as dumbed down and simple as possible. Right now using Snagit simply isn't the best choice for us users who frequently use Dropbox to quickly share screenshots. I wish it were, because Snagit sure looks cool and has a lot of other neat features, especially the annotation/editing interface. But I just don't understand how something other screenshot developers have been doing for a long time for free and open source hasn't been implemented into the team of a paid group of developers that specialize in their own software.

I realize not all screenshot software is identical, and I obviously expect some features or settings to be different from product to product, but I guess I just see Dropbox integration as something so basic it should not be ignored by any software developer that specializes in screenshot software in 2014.

If your team needs a good example of how to specifically please Dropbox users, please look into Greenshot. They do it perfectly. And this small feature would make a lot of your users happy.


PS I swear I am not trying to convert people away from Snagit. Snagit is great. I would just love to see this change happen in the software soon.
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After SO MUCH digging around the web to find the most ideal solution to outputting screenshots from Snagit to Dropbox and automatically obtaining the screenshot's public link, I have FINALLY been satisfied with a particular method.

I don't really feel like typing out all the instructions it takes to get this working, it is pretty "straight forward" (not really though because of how ridiculous it is to create a workaround for this situation) but anyone with basic computer knowledge should be able to navigate the menus of both of Snagit and Dropbox Linker to get this working. In the end you should literally just have to push the hotkey on your keyboard, select whatever you want a screenshot of, and then the screenshot is copied to your Dropbox Public folder and a public link to that screenshot is automatically copied to your clipboard.

I hope some Snagit devs read this and see how easy it would be to implement an actual real solution for this inside their program.

What you need:
  1. Snagit and Dropbox running, obviously
  2. Dropbox Linker
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Official Response
Somehow this thread never got an update when we shipped the Dropbox output for Snagit awhile back. For anyone who hasn't discovered it already, you can find and download the Dropbox output with the other Snagit outputs for Windows or Snagit outputs for Mac.   
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Still have not been able to get any outputs to install, so this shit is over
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Ingar, you can try this.

I use McAfee Internet security.

I need to temporarily disable the firewall and I can install any output as long as it's disabled.