Embedded video has black screen when buffering + Slow buffering screencast.com vs. Amazon.

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Hi there,
I have created a screencast for web. Not an issue.
If I embed that show into a site other than screencast.com I get the following problems.

1. When you launch the show the movie frame is blank whilst it buffers. I know it is buffering, which is fine - but my customers will not know this. They are leaving the page thinking my screencast does not work.

However if this was in screencast.com, you would see the load bar, and subsequently you know the screencast is coming.

How do I have the load bar displaying for an embedded video on a site other than screencast.com?

2. The buffering speed on screencast appears very slow. I know what I am doing with bitrates etc and this is slow, trust me. To test I placed the same screencast on screencast.com and also in AmazonS3 ( I made a free account).

The Amazon site was sooooo much faster to buffer and play the movie. Twice the speed of screencast.com. I am located in Australia and the Amazon show was region USA FYI.

I want to use screencast.com for the convenience when working in Camtasia - so will it improve in the future or equal Amazon's performance soon? As I want to host up to 40 screencasts for our learning centre.

Thanks for looking at these two issues.


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Posted 9 years ago

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I'm having a similar problem. I’m using CS 8.0.04 and having lots of problems with the table of contents (TOC) option with multiple files. The transition between multiple files is very slow (3 – 8 seconds) with a dark screen between the menu’s multiple files. This has not been a problem in the past (e.g., CS6 or 7). This happens with all browsers.

Here's a summary of correspondence with Mike at tech support (copied with permission). Importantly, TechSmith needs more feedback to prioritize a fix.

I did some digging and spoke to a few folks in development as well. What we found out is that the flash controller we use in Camtasia 8 is completely different than the one in your CS7 links. The newer controller uses a different way of buffering the video which at the beginning can take a tad longer depending on the Internet connection to buffer the videos. This is done to hopefully avoid any stopping and starting during the middle of the playback of the video. On my end with a faster connection the wait times were not as noticeable between CS7 and CS8 but the slower the connection the more difference there will be.

I’m afraid I don't have any other way around this in CS8.

CS8.1 uses the same controller as 8.0.

I have not seen any other reports of this behavior come through tech support. The behavior will be different for every user since they all have different varying speeds of Internet connection. Unless we get more reports of this being a problem I don't see any immediate changes.

Feel free to post this in the community. It would be a good way to find out how widespread the problem may be.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Kind Regards,
Senior Support Specialist
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with a 4GByte download speed, I was surprised to see buffering throughout the playing of an MP4 file I'd uploaded to screencast.
Worse still, there was a significant (2-4 seconds) delay begfore the buffering occured.
I am based in the UK.. could this be the issue (i.e accessing screencast servers in the US??)

I may need to rethink my video streaming provision as this performance is unacceptable.
Are there any parameters that I can amend or add to the tscplayer_inline embeddedObject to improve this?


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Hi Duncan,
Yes, being in the UK is most likely the cause of the issue you are seeing.

We, meaning Screencast.com, is located in the USA. We do not currently have colocations around the world. So, people attempting to play videos outside the USA can experience buffering. it is rare, since we do have customers from just about every country, but sometimes this happens.

I don't know of anything you can do to prevent this like adding or amending the HTML to improve your performance.

Have you noticed this happening all the time?
Or, is this something new that has just cropped up?

If you can give me some particulars about your scenario, I will speak with the team to see if there is anything that can be done.

I would need to know how long your video is, what kind of video is it, does this happen with just one video or all of them, is there a time when this issues happens, etc?

Thanks for any additional information.
Maybe we can come up with some kind of a solution for you.

User Assistance
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I believe the loading time and buffer time is a common issue throughout all players. I don't think TechSmith can control the variables that affect performance, but what we need, is a UI improvement. When my users click the play button, there is no response or indicator while the video loads. In some instances, I find myself clicking 2 and 3 times because I'm unsure if I clicked the button the first time. By default we see a blank screen, so maybe a solution would be to add a layer for the loading or buffer message.

As a work around, I add a message below the video stating that the video may take up to 1 minute to load.
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It's been slow for a fair while. Uploading from Australia is painful - a 4 second (18MB) video takes over a minute on my connection which is 100Mbit fibre. I tested the connection to Lansing MI and I'm getting 14Mbit upload speeds there and 20MBit down.


Playback stutters and takes a long time to buffer initially (seems to want to buffer the whole thing?)

I like the convenience and it's great to be able to share help videos easily but not when it's this slow.

Perhaps it's a server load issue?

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