Enhanced Cursor and Keyboard annotation/effects wanted

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The videos I'm responsible for making use a lot of different mouse clicks, modified clicks (Shift/Ctrl/Alt), keyboard (function, arrows, tab, etc) to navigate through the GUI.  Currently, it's pretty time consuming to add this annotation to the screen, or I have to talk and say, "double click here",  "click down here, drag over to here, release".  I would like the current "Cursor Effects" beefed up so that the nuances of all relevant actions are made manifest to the viewer.

Here is a quick little video http://www.screencast.com/t/A1dUl702 of the kind of functionality for cursor effects I'd like to be able to add to my Camtasia videos.   Ways to differentiate, with no additional effort on my part, what is happening with the mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.  The software demonstrates one person's take on how to do it (I really like what he's done--spacing/alignment could be improved, but that this minor compared to the functionality gained).

Mouse Annotation

  • Left        Middle  Right  mouse
  • Double left         Single Left          
  • Click drag  shows mouse down, and mouse up
  • Keyboard Modified Clicks (Shift/Ctrl/Alt)
  • Scroll up         Scroll Down
Keyboard Annotation
  • Page up, page Down
  • Arrow Right, Ctrl Arrow Right, Ctrl Shift Arrow Right, Shift Arrow right
  • Function Keys

Having this kind of functionality embedded in Camtasia would allow me to turn this functionality on and off during the editing stage of production.  Currently, it is pretty time consuming to add this kind of annotation to a video, except with 3rd party software (which locks it down, so it cannot be modified during production).

 The demonstration of keyboard/mouse annotation in the video are all the result of software called
                 Spot On The Mouse
                (It has more functionality than above, and the ability to fine tune the display as well)



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