Every new version of Snagit is completely different which is frustrating beyond words

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I have snagit 12.2.2
with each new version of snagit, I have to relearn **everything**. It is beyond frustrating.  I go months without the same features because every single time snagit upgrades, I cannot figure out how to do something I took for granted before.

EVERYTHING changes with every new upgrade - the icon, the user interface - every single thing.  It is beyond frustrating. 

HOW many people do NOT pay to upgrade snagit because it is so radically different from version to version?

Snagit can learn a lot from Microsoft Office - they make changes but they are gradual - not radical like Snagit
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  • frustrated beyond words

Posted 3 years ago

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That's why they're unable to get it right - they reinvent the wheel every time, then skip the steps where they should be working out the kinks with the current version. Right now, instead of addressing all these complaints they're probably inventing a new version from scratch . . . Which won"t work right either.
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I always use the trial version before upgrading to verify it is worth the cost.  I have stayed on an old version of Snagit, but upgraded to the current version of Camtasia. 

Unfortunately, their development people don't seem to understand the importance of backward functionality, which would allow existing users to continue using their product as they are accustomed to doing.  If you introduce new features or workflows, you make them optional, with different configuration settings that allow the existing functionality to continue.  You can then provide alternative new features and workflows to others who may operate differently, while not disturbing those who need it to continue to operate as is.  Perhaps they did this and I just couldn't find it?

That is the great thing about software. You don't have to pick one way to do things and force it on everyone.  You can set it up to operate in multiple ways to best serve more people.  You let the user customize it the way that best meets their needs.  And you always add functionality, you don't ever remove what is there.  With the introduction of new features, they should always be doing backward functional testing to ensure the existing customer base is not disrupted, and their workflows can continue.  That way they can receive the bug fixes and the users who operate differently can enjoy the new processes.  You originally set it up to work that way for a reason, and it meets the needs of many of your customers who paid for it because it did work that way. 
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I too don't like the radical changes that appear in each  SnagIt.  

However, I believe the software I like needs to be supported, even when the direction of the changes are driving us off a cliff.  To that end, I've kept an active subscription to each SnagIt release going back many years.  I even have a license for version 13, that I only use on my traveling laptop to keep track of what is happening with that release mistake.  

In a recent post, SnagIt engaged in a discussion and added information about where they plan to take SnagIt next:  

I came away from the above discussion thinking they understood the frustration that version 13, and some of the earlier SnagIt changes created.

I use SnagIt in my technical writing every day and don't believe version 13 will ever be useful for those who find image capture and notation needs an efficient software design.

I hope others don't abandon SnagIt until we get to see what happens with the next major change.  At that point, we'll get to see if the words offered have been enabled in a design moving toward helping users be effective and efficient.
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I don't like the constant changes to the interface.  Nor do I like features that disappear altogether.  I am seriously considering changing to another product after using SnagIt for 20+ years.