Experiences Using CS9 On Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

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Background ...

I use a Lenovo i5 T430 laptop with 8 GB RAB and 235 GB SSD to do all my screencasting

About 2 months ago, Windows 10 was automatically updated to the Anniversary Edition [never saw it coming]

Prior to that update, I could render any CS8 or CS9 project while simultaneously using Chrome to view major news site pages [CNBC, CNN, USAToday, WashingtonPost, NYT, etc], and/or to view streaming Netflix content

Rendering always went just fine, and the web experiences were first rate [I have Comcast high speed internet @ 25BM]

After Windows 10 Anniversary Edition installed, much changed

Present behaviors ...

I quickly discovered that putting Chrome into full screen mode [F11] crashed Windows [every time], regardless of what was being viewed [news site, CS video, Netflix]

A quick web search confirmed this was a know issue between Chrome and Windows 10; suggested fix was to change 2 advanced Chrome settings: uncheck continue to run background tasks after Chrome is closed, and uncheck use hardware acceleration

That cured the Windows crashes with F11, but things got ugly, performance wise

Rendering a CS9 video consumes about 80% of CPU with no other active apps [few loaded, but but being used]

But render while trying to view a major news sites [lots of embedded ads, videos, etc] and those sites will adversly affect the render

CS9 CPU use will drop in half [to about 40%, and the render will take longer], and Chrome will consume [its main task plus background tasks] about 40% CPU; this Chrome CPU burden can sometimes go on forever [what are these sites doing?]

But Netflix viewing seems to hardly burden the CPU at all [maybe 10% CPU], and the renders not too adversly affected

The above observations has been consistently confirmed by carefully watching Task Manager

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