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I've seen many cases in this forum where one user assists another by discussing and instructing on exactly how to create a specific preset to accomplish a goal.

While I'm aware that SnagIt 13 does offer a feature to allow exporting and importing presets, it appears to be programmed to export ALL presets.

What would seem helpful would be to allow choosing one or more presets and export those. That way, one could save the user with the issue the trouble of having to carefully follow the steps they need to follow in order to use the preset they need. We could then just share the preset, perhaps right to ScreenCast. Then they could easily click a link or whatever to just zap it right into their own copy of SnagIt.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Posted 3 years ago

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That makes sense
Cheers...  a different Rick :)
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That is a great idea and should be done for Camtasia too. That is something I feel a lot of users would find of value but could cause some issues. I mean anyone's computer can have a virus, Trojan, malware, etc. and if that is shared then it would be passed on so that is also something to consider. Not all of these so called protection software's for these things can be found or fixed by them as the people who create these use different methods everyday to get around something that stays resident and undetected to the user and their computer. Not being negative to the idea and think it would be nice but may have to take some caution on who you trust and do not trust and the above issues.

I mean that is where anyone or a software company has to be taken into consideration with using options like these. Because whn you think about it if a users ends up getting a Virus, Trojan, Malware, etc. from a file that is shared then who are they going to look at first or blame and start cutting down ? The software company who a user might think should be held liable for there computer issue or the user they got the file(s) from which is just another point on this issue. Just my opinion.

Best Regards ~ Fred.
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I like the Idea and voted approval for it.

I'm don't believe anyone could hold Adobe responsible if I emailed a fellow Premiere Pro user an infected Custom FX Preset  and it Erased their operating system.
I would think the same thing would hold true for TechSmith. However, I do understand where you're coming from.

 At the same time, I don't use many pre-sets either.

If I were to create a custom pre-set just to share. I would only need to export 4 or 5 presets. The person receiving them would only need to delete the unwanted ones. That's a relatively small price to pay if their struggling to create their own.

I like to test my advice.
I created one for someone yesterday who was investing several hours renaming and sending 100's of images to WORD in the exact order they were captured over the course of over several days.

That particular preset wouldn't actually work as created. The share to folder wouldn't exist on the other machine. So it's pre-set that would require further instructions.

This would be the case for a lot of other custom profiles as well.   So sharing pre-sets has drawbacks as well.

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Really a great idea Rick!

BTW, something that I have been wondering about for a while, I never see a 'Like' under TS posts, how am I to add my 'Like'? There is a 'Like - Comment' below the replies. but a 'Like'  there, is liking a reply, not the TS-post.