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I regularly save captures of entire articles or web pages as PDFs as backups for work. However, they always save as a single-page PDF which can become insanely long and difficult to navigate.

Unless I am missing an existing option to accomplish this, when exporting to PDF, it would be useful to have it automatically break it into logical page lengths instead of one giant PDF. 
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I would LOVE THIS. I often need to capture long threads in forums and facebook and save them as PDFs, and the 3" by 48" captures are kind of a pain. 
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There is currently a way to do this, but it's a little roundabout. If you go File > Print... and the use the PDF dropdown to save a PDF, it will split the long capture up into multiple pages.
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This worked great until I had a larger PDF. Just had a memory leak/overload and whole system crashed on a 50 page PDF. 

24GB of RAM wasn't enough to handle it :/
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FWIW ...

I gave it a try and combined 2 long forum threads into 1 capture, resulting in a capture of 13 meter in length
I then printed it to 48 pages PDF, which took rounded off 40 seconds on my Windows 10 x64 pc, SnagIt v2018.0.1


I took another test and even added a 3rd page, resulting in a 20meter long .png file.
Print to PDF admittedly took much more time, 2:45, resulting in a 73page PDF.
No crash though.
These are exceptionally long screenshots though...


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On that note...

In iOS 11 we now have the "Create PDF" option. Same as above, I like to use this as a way to save websites as PDF's. This EXACT same thing (saving as one extremely long single page PDF) happens when doing it via Apple's "Create PDF" option in iOS.

Does SnagIt have something that works with iOS to have them save as multi-page PDF's? If not, is anybody aware of how to accomplish this in iOS?

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I just found out you can do this in the latest Snagit. 

  1. Click Library in the top left corner
  2. Select multiple images
  3. Right click on one of the images and select Print > Print Multiple Images.
  4. Select Microsoft Print to PDF
  5. Click Print
  6. All of the selected images are printed to the specified PDF file!!!!

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I can seem to find that option to Print on Mac, I have the latest 2020 version
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Alexdresko - What you are describing is not what this thread is about. What you are explaining is combining multiple captures into a single PDF.

This thread is about Snagit "chopping" a single capture (usually a webpage) that exceeds the normal 11" length of a page in a PDF.

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I still think this could be vastly improved. Especially with the new template to image option. I think with the advent of the template, selecting multiple templates and adding an option to export to a multi-page PDF should be built-in on a context menu or file menu - export.

What I've been doing is drag-n-drop my templates from the library to an MS Word Document. When done, I save as PDF from MS Word. Not ideal, but it works.

Interestingly, attempting to select multple images and using the Menu - Share - MS Word displays an error that it doesn't support multiple files.