Extend frame ESSENTIAL! How???

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I am trying out the new version of camtasia for mac. I used camtasia for PC all the time until my company moved to the mac. I had to switch product and have missed camtasia to create professional video tutorials. I was so excited when I downloaded it...but there are some features I cannot work without and I need to know if they are doable to know if the new version will allow me to return to my favorite tool.

Where is Extend Frame? How can I extend a single frame from a video clip? I cannot see how to do it anywhere and it sounds like mac doesn't support it? 

Tell me if there is a solution. Thanks!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes, you can. I think the easiest way is to hold the Alt/Option key and drag out the end of a clip until it is as long as you want it to be. 
The other way is to select the media you want to extend, move the playhead out to the place you want to extend it to, and then choose "Edit->Playhead->Extend Frame to Playhead"

There is one way you can extend frame on Windows that you currently cannot on Mac, and that is to take a clip and extend/freeze it right in the middle of the clip. On mac, you'll need to split the clip and make room for the extended frame.

Hope this helps!
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Certainly does! Thanks a lot, Paul!
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This "Extend frame" topic is a major source of CONFUSION in the Camtasia apps, including C9!
  • The earlier C8 Mac version could make different things than Windows version, 
  • The http://www.screencast.com/ is all over the with extend frame videos - all of these are actually just workarounds for this troubled topic but NOT a real and simple solution! 
  • There are features that were disabled and even revoked in Extend Frame so this is a huge mess now even in C9 and does work very emabarrassing!

Please Techsmith, GET this:
the major source of confusion comes from the fact that Extend frame works on only a SINGLE track, not on ALL track! To be more precise: as extend frame currently just affects only the selected single track, everything (other audio and video clips) after the extension goes out of sync in case of multiple tracks!

If I insert e.g. 5 sec at the middle of the movie with extend frame, it will extend the frame for the video, it is ok, but all other tracks are unaffected, they stay at the same position! They should have been moved 5 sec later, but now everything goes out of sync!

Sure, many of use knows the workarounds: 
1. by moving everything back and forth with Shift and copy/pasting split clip / unstitching elements and extend these, but this is very tedious and makes extend frame unusable and the source of possible errors.
2. Saving a frame and re-inserting.... meeehhh.... the last thing people want during work is to accomplish additional and unnecessary file management steps!

Please make a
  1. real easy-to-use,
  2. final,
  3. cross-platform solution
in C9 to this confused topic of Camtasia finally!

Let the user decide if 
1. she/he want extend frame affect only ONE track
2. or ALL track.
3. Also, please make it easily draggable the borders after extension (maybe with a modifier), without the need of push-pull tricks anymore!

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See my reply to the other post you made on the topic:
(it would be helpful if you just posted comments/ideas once instead of cross-posting, for others who are looking for answers)