Feature Request; Delete Video recording II

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Re-re-Posting this in the Idea forum as suggested. What a wonderfully brilliant, spectacular, and life-changing feature request:


It's clear that this suggestion gained no traction the 1st time around, so I’m hoping to help it gain some traction.
Let me explain why I would like to see an option to delete a recording and offer a slightly different possibility.
I record my screen a lot for educational videos. I tend to restart my recordings many times to get a good tone and inflection at the beginning and I would rather not pause and or restart every time I get a less than satisfactory start; so, I delete a lot of recordings right out of the gate. Many times I am following a previous recording where the placement of my mouse on the screen is important to avoid “mouse jump”.

It would be nice to have a quick and easy way to delete my recordings for 2 reasons;

1.    It would be quick and easy :)

2.    I would not have to move my mouse and lose my place on the screen.

a.    It would be very helpful to leave my mouse where it is so I can pick up where I left off.

A hot key defaulted to off in the options would be my second choice.

My 1st choice would be to have save and edit come up “live”; so if you hit enter it would save and edit

If save and edit came up live you could then tab to Produce then to Delete.

It would be much safer than a hot key and you would not need to move the mouse to delete a recording.

I’m hoping others can benefit from something like this and chime in; or it makes sense to someone at TechSmith and they make it so, or someone has a better idea and it gets implemented. (Best idea should always win)

I included a picture for those who don’t like lots of words (like me)

Photo of Bill


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