Feature Request: Edit mouse movements post-recording

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I prepare professional software training videos, and oftentimes would like to edit the mouse movements after recording.

This can happen because I make a cut, or because I need to refilm part of the screencast, and don't get my mouse right where it needs to be for a seamless transition. Or sometimes there will be a distracting mouse movement I would like to refilm, even though everything else is perfect.

I know there are some workarounds, but they are very time consuming and difficult to implement.

There are numerous other posts about this on the forum (such as here), but the ones I found that are "Ideas" are already locked, so I thought I would repost this now that TechSmith is asking for new feature ideas. Thanks!
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I had that problem and decided not to use my mouse as I recorded. I added the arrows and highlights as I edited. They were bolder, so easier to see, and much easier to place and time with the audio.
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This is a real problem, which Camtasia cannot completely solve for us. Here are the techniques I use: 
  1. When I know that mouse movement will be a critical part of the video, I record that segment of the video three times or more, then choose the best one in edit.
  2. In edit, it's easier to speed up a slow mouse movement than to slow down a fast mouse movement.
  3. Like Training suggested in the previous comment, frequently it is easier and more effective to move the mouse off the screen, then add annotations or highlights later.
  4. It's time consuming, but you can use photoshop to create a mouse pointer as a graphic, then animate that moving around the screen. This is a great solution when you have a recording which is otherwise perfect, but is missing a crucial mouse movement. It can work surprisingly well. I've gotten in the habit of starting critical captures with the mouse static on a blank part of the screen, so I can extract a perfectly matched mouse pointer if necessary.
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Official Response
Hi there, 

I definitely understand the frustration of having done lots of editing and getting your content exactly how you want it, only to have a jumpy cursor ruin the whole video. I myself have had to come up with quite a few workarounds for the cursor movement in order to make my videos look professional.

While I can't make any promises, I can assure you that issues like this are going to be looked at and evaluated with the goal of making sure you can make professional looking content without hours of workarounds.

We spent a long time getting Camtasia to parity across platform and making sure it was a platform we could build on in the future. Now we're ready to go full steam ahead and focus on solving problems like these!