Feature Request: improve on "scroll a web page" capture feature on SnagIt -- smart way to handle multi-scroll pages, like firebase console

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Regarding potentially improving the SnagIt app, suggestion for SnagIt developers: 

have SnagIt fetch the web page's multiple scroll areas from the HTML DOM, figure out which one is largest, and scroll that particular panel ?

I think it would be a very useful (and hopefully simple) add-on to the "scroll a web page" capture feature.  worst case it doesn't work, for which the backup is panoramic capture.

potentially, could also ask the user to select "which scrollable area to capture".

I'm a developer working with Google's Firebase console often, and it has both a left menu, as well as "main" right side which I often want to scroll-capture.

This seems like a very common case with multi-section web pages -- small menu section, and a "main" section for the content which is most likely what needs to be scrolled and captured.

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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Rory

Another approach possibly is to use the panoramic capture (which I have found to be very effctive) and when that is done, find a way of slecting from the PDFfile the other scrollable areas you want. This might be more effectvei as an approach. What do u think? It was the beauty of the simplicity of panoramic caputrue that led mne to update to the latest version. REally happy with it!
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I too have found Panoramic to be an awesome feature!

WRT the "automatic scrolling" of web pages, something comes to mind as a massive road block. Whereas it used to be the norm where a web page had a definite end, we nowadays see the "infinitely scrolling" web pages that simply continue to perpetually load content. The facebook and Pinterest are two apps I use far more than I should. But I cannot imagine just turning SnagIt loose on one of those pages.
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Thank you both for the quick replies !  I looked at the pano capture documentation, and it was just a little bit more complicated than "click and let it scroll", and being a programmer I thought of this (hopefully) trivial add-on which would make scrolling a web page easier.

I will definitely try that, and see how it works out.  I'm sure it will work, as it seems to be built for the case i'm describing.

good point with the "infinite scroll" pages, where it sounds like that's a different feature request.. i.e. "end the scroll capture <now>" with a click, so you can capture enough of an infinite scrolling web page.

I would love the SnagIt programmers to take a look at this idea, just in case it's really easy to do.  If more than an hour or so of work, pano capture seems like the better option for these multi-panel HTML pages.