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Per recent request to post new feature ideas, I would like to see the following improvements to the Spotlight callout:

1. Multiple spotlights - At times I need to spotlight multiple parts of the screen at the same time.
2. Custom shapes - I do software training videos for an academic tool, and that means working with texts. I oftentimes need to spotlight sections of a text. Text often flows from line to line, and doesn't necessarily include the whole line. That means I have to be able to select the text to spotlight with a rectangle, and then remove parts of that rectangle to correspond to the sentence or words I need to spotlight.
3. Rounded corners - Oftentimes looks more professional
4. Softened, feathered edges - Oftentimes looks more professional

For those interested, I have a workaround to accomplish all this already (described here), but would love to see it included in Camtasia. If I understand correctly, your main competitors for Mac include these features in their Spotlight callout.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree with you on the need to vastly expand the call-out styles. If we look at what Microsoft office does, or Excel or Word, they have a ton of shapes to pick from. Camtasia is showing it's age by having just limited options.
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Hi and thanks for submitting your idea/feature request!

As outlined in our New Community Processes post, feature requests are open to voting up through the first, where we will then tally the votes and present the findings to our product teams. To ensure we have the most accurate data, on the 1st of the month we will be locking the threads that were listed in the Feature Request Round-up that was posted on the 15th. Once we have reviewed the submitted feature requests, our product team(s) may respond to the request, and if that is the case then that thread will then be unlocked for further discussion.

In the event that your idea is not selected for a response feel free to resubmit the idea and share it with your colleagues to garner as much exposure as possible!

Thank you again for your idea and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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Official Response
Hi there!

We wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you have put into submitting a new idea for Camtasia. Rest assured, your request was reviewed by a member of the Camtasia product team and though this is a fantastic idea, it does not currently fit into the current development path for Camtasia. However, those aforementioned development paths may change as we continue to hear feedback and

gain more feature requests for Camtasia. As such, we encourage you to repost your feature request and truly champion its use and purpose by sharing your ideas with your colleagues and professional social circles and urge them to weigh in on the thread.

There could be a number of reasons a feature request is not selected but unless otherwise specifically addressed by myself or another agent from TechSmith, the reason your idea was not selected is likely due to lack of support from our online community so sharing and championing your feature request is crucial to ensuring it bubbles up to the top of the list of requests for the month.

Again, we truly appreciate your time and look forward to your continued support of TechSmith!


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