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In projects that have many tracks, it would be very helpful to be able to reorder how tracks are displayed vertically. (I am not talking here about the layering order with which effects are rendered in the video.) Sometimes it's difficult or impossible to view two tracks whose time relationships are critical if there are many tracks (perhaps not relevant to the edits I'm currently working on) in between them.

I have seen some suggestions along these lines from several years ago but evidently this has not been implemented yet.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree... it should be possible to just click and drag the tracks to reorder them.

I would really appreciate this feature, and am surprised it's not available yet (unless we're missing something...)
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Agreed, please add thsi feature!
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Yes please. Have 20+ tracks and need to move them about as new content is added. Moving content is not a solution.
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It's pretty crazy to me that this has not been done yet. This is a very common UI pattern in almost any time-based editing tool. Music, video, etc. Do you have a research/user experience team?

I have been looking into this myself and found multiple posts over the last 7 years that ask about this from hundreds of users. Each time it's either ignored or someone from engineering chimes in and says they agree and they will put it in the backlog. This should be a priority hotfix, not a backlog item. You have direct feedback from a large chunk of users (user driven product development anyone?) that this is a BASIC functionality that is causing pain points for many. This is product development 101 in the modern tech industry. 

As long as Camtasia has been around I can't believe this hasn't been addressed. 

I guess I'll start looking at using my after effects license instead. Camtasia literally becomes unworkable for any project beyond just a few tracks. 

Also, while you're at it... for the love of god can you please make it a palette UI so that I can arrange my media/effects/timeline and preview separately? Many people these days have multiple, widescreen or high resolution monitors, We should be able to arrange the editing space to make sense within the workflow we use.

These are very basic feature requests that are an expectation from almost any user of editing suites.