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For our company videos, I'm always using our corporate font, and I am following a 'flat design' aesthetic, so I never want any shadow on anything.

It would be awesome if there was a way to set Camtasia so that I don't have to pick my font every time I make a new callout, and to be able to set styles for the built-in callouts to not use a shadow by default. In general, the callout options could use a buffing.

Looking forward to seeing what's in Camtasia 9!
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Posted 4 years ago

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I agree; there should be a way to create a saved callout profile, and apply that whenever needed

I've wanted this for years: my thoughts on the matter ...

Need Way To Create/Re-Use Callout Properites Profile
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While I would applaud an ability to configure callout settings and add them kind of like "Quick Styles" we use in SnagIt, what if you configured things as you want, then added the callout to the library? Then when you needed or wanted to use it, you just dragged it from the library instead of using the Callout function?

Just thinking out loud... Rick :)
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Rick, I've given this a lot of thought over the years, and I have used the Library approach on many occasions

but, there are also many instances where I don't want a clone of a given callout asset, I want to apply a set profile spec to a new callout [maybe a different type]; example: I want to apply a profile that sets text to a certain font, size, and to bold, but I need this to work in a thought bubble or arrow, where my Library asset might be made based on a text callout

also, for me, it would be great to have such a property profile available for cursor effects as well

between setting properties for callouts and cursor effects, I'm burning up a lot of time

anything that cuts down on mouse clicks would be most welcome :)
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But.. the font size changes when I enter more/less text and with the size of the box in Camtasia 9. If there is a way to keep the font size to what I want it to be in Camtasia 9, please let me know.
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Hi patti,

The "Legacy" callouts won't change the font size for you.If you resize the callout to small your text will disappear instead.

I'm not a fan of text that re-sizes itself either.

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I would love to be able to set my font in my Callouts. I use Verdana because the bold shows up very nice with this font. The current default font Montserrat that appears when using the Basic Callouts (white & black) doesn't. Once I change the first one, I can then copy and paste. We really need a way to set a default font.
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 I'm frequently having to regenerate a video because I missed that dang shadow on a callout text.   Need the font menu just like captions.
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Yeah, I've done that in some cases... it shortcuts things slightly.
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[Also posted in another, very similar thread, but that one is 4 years old.]

For many common kind of repetitive callout tasks, it would be enough to simply have the callout font, size, color, style and alignment settings be "sticky."

Savable style sets probably require significant engineering time to implement and they would save less time than sticky settings when working on long, repetitive projects. (For house styles or to maintain consistency across projects, however, library styles would be a huge plus.)

Having all new text revert to the defaults turns what ought to be be a quick 10-minute task into an hour of tedious repetition. Every paste operation has to be followed by font selection, font resizing, font color selection, all of which would be eliminated by allowing those settings to be sticky -- if only for the duration of an editing session.

Even being able to insert new, or overwrite existing text (which, inexplicably, IS sticky) without destroying the formatting would save quite a bit of time. The text of a callout is going to change with almost every instance; the style, in any one presentation, will never change. Sticky text/volatile styles is the polar opposite of what this kind of workflow requires, and makes no sense at all.

Nothing is "a minor inconvenience" when you have do it over and over a few thousand times. I have a client who is adding foreign-language subtitles to a set of 65 short training videos. There will be a version of each video for each language. The videos run about 100 subtitles each. Sticky text/volatile styles costs about 7 seconds per subtitle, if there are no fumbles. Extra workflow steps and tedious repetition multiply the opportunities to fumble.

Over the run of the project, the total time wasted by non-sticky settings will be on the order of two person-weeks. That's for nimble-fingered editors taking full advantage of keyboard shortcuts.
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well put; definitely a capability that is needed; I consume extreme amounts of time doing the repetitive tasks described above; the gains in productivity would be substantial

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