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First of all, let me state that I'm really happy with the addition of animations to CS8. They allow pretty neat things to be done in a movie.

However, I wouldn't mind having some extra features.

Right now, an animation affects scale, opacity, position and rotation.
As jdzyn states here, blurring would be a welcome addition.

What I would like to have added are the following:

size, or width and height of an object.

I want to be able to set the width and/or height of an object via edit boxes, like I can set X and Y position. And then also be able to animate those.
Changing scale is not the same, as scale affects both width and height.

Enable/disable checkboxes for the things an animation can affect.

An animation then only affects those properties of the object that are enabled. That way I can create an animation based on e.g. only scale and opacity. When the animation is ready, I can then add the object including animations to my library and reuse it later, at a different position. Or copy paste the animation(s) to another object at a different screen location.
Right now, when I do that and I want the object at a different position, I have to edit the position coordinates of all animations.

Grouping multiple animations and adding this group to the library.

So just the animation(s) in the library, without the object it was created on.

For this to work best, we need to have the above request implemented :-)

With this, we can build custom animation schemes we can apply to any object.

Suppose you have designed an animation group to make an object appear in the video, consisting of some scale animations and an opacity animation and you want all objects to appear in the same way. You uncheck "position" and "rotation", group them and then add the group of animations to the library.

Place an object (e.g. image, callout, video snippet, etc.) on the time line and then drop your custom animation on it. The object can be placed anywhere and since position was not checked, the animation will have no effect on the position of the object.

Make "libraried" animations editable and act as style definitions

Suppose I have a certain "show object animation scheme" and I have added that to my library. I then use that animation scheme throughout my movie at various places/moments. Then I decide that the animation needs to be changed a little.
How nice would it be if I could then edit the animation in the library and all copies that are used on the time line which are not altered manually after placing them on the time line are changed accordingly.
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Thank you so much for your well thought out ideas with clear examples.

We appreciate you giving us such detailed feedback.

Other can click the "thumb" icon at the top of the page to let us know they are interested in this sort of feature as well.

Thanks again!
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I've got another request:

Implement easy way to select multiple animations

When having a lot of animations on an object and you want to select several or all of them, you need to Chift-Click or Ctrl-click (both seem to work) the ones you want to select. Can be a lot of work and prone to mis-clicks, specially when they're short ones.

Right-clicking one of the animations shows a popup menu with the choice "Delete all visual animations on media".

Please add and implement another choice "Select all visual animations on media".

And/or add a feature to drag a rectangle with the mouse, with a certain key pressed (e.g. Alt) which selects all animations in the dragged rectangle.

Oh yeah... why select multiple animations? Because I want to change the easing of them, I want to shift them in time or I want to copy them to use on another object.

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