FEATURE SUGGESTION for SNAGIT - Save without prompt and exit.

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I've been using SnagIt for many years, and have beta tested the last couple of versions.

This program I use DAILY.  It's my go-to application for screen capture.

Several times a week, I must capture and save 18 price charts for my clients.

The process requires that I load the chart, capture the chart, save the chart over the previous chart (of the same name) to refresh it, then exit the snagit application and move on to the next, and the next, etc.

It would be REALLY NICE with the SnagIt Editor had an option to save without prompting, allowing for saving over existing files without being asked "Are you sure?", which requires I take an addition step to say "Yeah" and then proceed to close the editor.

In addition, it would be great if there was an option to EXIT the editor automatically following a save.  For those of us that are doing many captures and saves over previous captures, having the program close automatically would save time. 

Now I know if I go to capture another screen that the editor will just go away and then come back with the new capture. But I don't want it sitting on my screen open and making me have to move it or close it to get to what I want to capture.

So either the option is to 'minimize' the editor between captures, or simply close it, either way I get it out of the way as I'm busy doing multiple screen captures.

Having the option to SAVE WITHOUT PROMPT and EXIT FOLLOWING SAVE would really speed up my production tremendously!

Thank you!

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Rick - There's an easy way to do both of those things by creating a custom profile. Doing this allows you to choose File as the output, including file name/location/format, as well as turning off the Preview in Editor option. Once created, assign the new profile a hotkey and with the push of a button you'll have an image output exactly where you want it right over the top of the last image. Give this a try and let me know if you have any questions or if this isn't quite what you had in mind. I hope this helps.  (http://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-snagit-streamline-with-capture-profiles.html )

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I've played with the profiles and cannot seem to get it to do what I've suggested.  Since nothing more has been said, I thought I'd try to perhaps be clearer.

I think it would be great if SNAGIT had these two options:

1.   Save without Prompt
2.   Exit program on save.

If these two options existed,  we could set our preferences so that when a file is saved, it does not prompt, like "File exists, are you sure?", and it would also close the program following any save.

The user could then check one or both of these options to get the effect looking for.

Each night I do about 18 screenshots in succession and save each one over an existing file.  It is time consuming, but would be less so if I did not have to keep dealing with that prompt on save and having to close the program each time (which I prefer, because it is in the way!).

Thank you.

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Thanks Joe for your response.

However, I do not see how this relates to what I'm doing.  I apologize if this seems clear cut in my head but I'm not effective in expressing it.

Okay, here is what I have:

A folder called CYCLES that holds 18 gif images.  Let's say the names of these 18 gif files are  cycle01, cycle02, cycle03...cycle18.

Each night, I pull up a charting application and start doing screen captures of my charts.

I start with cycle01 chart, press PrintScrn to initiate screen capture, click on the floppy disk image to SAVE the image, click on the existing "cycle01.gif" file, click the SAVE button,  the prompt comes up "C:\cycles\cycles01.gif already exists. Do you want to replace it?", I click on the YES button, and then click on the X in the upper right corner to close the SnagIt Editor.

Then I repeat these steps for the next 17 files.

What I'd like to do is to NOT have to see the "Do you want to replace it?" prompt and have to click the YES button, as well as have to close the Editor after each file save.   

I would like it to simply overwrite the file and close the editor.  No prompting "Do you want to replace it?". 

I hope this makes sense.   I've been doing this for years and would love to cut down on some of the steps. 


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Joe, you're awesome dude.  Appreciate your taking the time to put that video together.

Unfortunately, setting up 18 hotkeys and trying to remember which hotkey goes to which file would be very difficult.

My routine is to first copy the AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR chart and save to ad.gif.

BRITISH POUND to bp.gif.
COTTON to ct.gif.
WHEAT to w.gif.

Now while I could remember  Ctl-A for AD$, after a few charts it is going to be a beast to remember which hotkey I left off of, etc.  If I save the chart to the wrong file name, I'm cooked!

Each chart MUST be saved to a specific file name because the webpage links are already coded to display those files in a particular order.

It would be great if all 18 market charts were of markets with different starting characters, like A for Australian Dollar, B for British Pound, C for Canadian Dollar, etc.   But then what do I use for Corn, Cotton, Coffee?

Now the alternative to having the options I have suggested (which I feel would better suit my needs) is to have a hotkey table printed out and taped to the wall in front of me for reference.

The other problem I would likely run into is that the PROGRAM that contains the charts that I wish to capture from ALSO many of these hotkeys.  If I hit those hotkeys with my program having the focus, the program OR the SnagIt takes over the other (which I do not know).   I would not want SnagIt to interfere with my program's hotkeys and the other way around.

So it still seems like my suggestion for a couple of additions to the PREFERENCES would give this application even more flexibility for situations like mine.

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This may work,

What do I use for Corn, Cotton, Coffee? A large copper kettle, some brass tubing, and a slow fire. Get ready to be drunk and wide awake. LOL.

Yeah, I was envisioning successive saves but even then keeping track to 18 would probably require a counter of some type. Oh well.

However a thought just hit me and I even tested it with 4 profile saves.

Call your Fixed File Name by its assigned Hot Key “FIRST”.  Then British Pound or Welsh Currency or Something. You won’t need to remember the hot keys at all this way. The Image shows the thought in action.

You simply open you documents file and slide the Document s Window out of the way so you can still read the files. At a glance you got your hot keys.Over to a second monitor would be Best. Don’t close it. You could even resize it. The Documents folder might minimize to the taskbar as you navigate to web sites. You could minimize it yourself if it blocks your vision.

As you make a new capture the File and Date modified Information updates immediately. The Date and Minuet entries allow you to keep track of where you are even if you walk away for an hour in the middle of saving things.

 Or like an old teacher of mine used to say. It’s like being up the preverbal creek without any means of propulsion. But seriously, I think this could work. Or it might be not so great.

I understand why you want the features you seek and I second the motion.

Regards, Joe

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Hey Joe.

Thanks for seconding my motion.  :-)

What I ended up doing was going ahead and creating 18 profiles with 18 different hotkeys.

I then made a TABLE that listed the names of the files and the associated hotkeys.

Most of them are no brainers to remember, like Cntrl-Alt-C for Corn and Cntrl-Alt-W for Wheat, etc.

Others that start with the same letters I just found a letter with the word or how it might be abbreviated within the exchange, such as Cntrl-O for Crude Oil (note I used 'O' for Oil rather than 'C' for Crude as that was taken by Corn), and Cntrl-K for Coffee (KC is the exchange abbreviation).

Sugar was tough, as I had to go with Cntrl-Alt-R  (the 'eeer' sound) since S was taken by Soybeans, and nothing was left for Bonds, so I had to go with Cntrl-Alt-N  (it has an 'n', no other reason...oh boy).

So I tried this out and it is a lot faster to use these 18 hotkeys and my quick cheat sheet to get through the chore.

Side note:  My version 11.0.1 apparently was buggy.  It would NOT accept Cntrl-Alt-Q  and when I used Cntrl-Alt-O instead, it would simply not activate the capture.  Funky.

So I've just paid the $25 and upgraded to 12 and all is well.

Thanks again Joe!
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Awesome. Your profile reset for some reason. You are currently down to 1 like and 5 posts. Strange.
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It's a conspiracy!  :-)
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Thanks for the great ideas Joe!

Another thing to try is the Fixed Region capture type, if the area your capturing is the same for each one. In the capture options you can set the screen area to capture, then it's just a matter of hitting the hotkey and your capture is done, no cross-hairs to drag out or windows to click on.

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Hi Rick,
I know you've received lots of help on this but there might be a way to fully automate this process. It will take a few minutes of your time but could be worth it.

In the scenario below, you will have one capture profile that will automatically take the capture in the correct location, at the correct size, auto name it, auto number it, overwriting any existing files you have without being prompted, etc.

Try this:
1. In the Snagit Manage Profiles UI, click the New Profile button. Then name the profile. Make sure the new profile is selected then change the capture type from the Selection field dropdown menu to Advanced > Fixed Region.
2. Now, disable the option to show the image in Editor. When blue, that option is enabled. So, click on it to make it white (disabled).
3. If your images are all the same size, and if they will all appear in the same location on the screen, click the Capture options (the little gear icon next to the Selection field.) In the tabbed dialog box, click the Fixed Region tab. Check the Use fixed starting point option. Then, click the Select Region button. Drag the area and size of the image on the screen. Click Apply. Then, in the Snagit UI, click the Save button on the bottom right corner.
4. Now, make sure your new profile is highlighted and ensure that File is the option in the Share dropdown menu. Now, click little gear icon next to Share. In the tabbed dialog box that appears click the Image File tab.
5. Click the Automatic file name option. Click the Options button.
6. Set up your name in the Prefix options field next to the File name components list - where it says Prefix text.
7. Set the Number of digits to 2 and set the numbers to start at 1.
8. Uncheck the Ask before overwriting existing file names option.
9. Click OK then Apply.
10. In that same Image File dialog box, choose Always use this file format option then choose the desired file format. Click Apply.
11. Click Save again to save all this information to your profile. Close Snagit.
12. From the drop down Snagit UI, use the little arrow buttons to scroll and find your profile. Take your capture.  (You can also assign this new capture profile a hotkey for even faster capturing.)

Thanks for using Snagit!
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Thanks Kelly. Your suggestion is appreciated.

Unfortunately this still would not meet my needs and brings it all back to why it would be good to have two additional options in Preferences.

The capture size would be the same for all 18 captures, but the location on the screen would not.

Each chart that needs to be captured must first be displayed before capturing, which requires the previous chart being removed.  So there is no way to automate this because each chart is created using an Excel program that requires clicking a button, selecting a data file to load in order to calculate and display each chart.  And each chart must be fully removed from Excel before the code can proceed to take the next chart request.

The saved GIF files need to be named for the charts themselves, which throws out the auto-numbering scheme. 

You can see why I want to cut down on the steps to take.

Anyway, the 18 profiles I created will work for me for now as I'll soon have all the hotkeys memorized by daily use.

Thanks again!
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You need someone to write a custom application for you! If you're doing the same thing over and over... the computer can do it for you!
Failing that, look for a macro recorder that will record all your mouse clicks and just run that each time... done.
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This is an old issue that I did eventually work out.  I'm using AutoIT to automate much of my steps, and the Profiles within SnagIt to generate hotkey actions.  Thanks.
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TS needs to know:
If you put a very annoying reminder nag screen in.... also have a config item that
can be set to avoid it.

Always.  Always.  Always.

No exception.
No work-around.
No hassles.

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