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I do have a number of ideas for additional options that would be very very useful in the program (which I have no doubt many others have thought of or have suggested or maybe they haven't).

I have been using Camtasia for years and while I do love many of the features within the program, the ease of use within the program and the stability of the program, I do however find the program seriously lacking in many ways when compared to various other programs of the same nature specially when this program is literally 3x the price as the others. For the extreme difference in the price, this program should have all of the features available in the lower priced programs included with the current features and abilities rather than having to use one of the cheaper less reliable programs to do parts of the editing and then finishing off the editing with Camtasia.

Things like:

-Motion Tracking (with blur and mosaic)
reason: for blurring, blocking, distorting, etc objects like peoples faces, tattoos, insignias, etc of a person or object within the video for personal or copyright etc purposes. If I am making a video and passerby's appear in the video, I need to obscure their faces since I would not have a release signed by them, or an offensive tattoo on a subject I am filming, or a logo or whatever on something which would violate copyright laws, or an address/license plate, etc. The list goes on and on how this feature is essential.

-A decent selection of transitions (not the poor selection of 10 transitions of which only 2 are even part way decent)
reason: I would think the reason would be obvious and extremely relevant, since this is like the most common complaint I have found within the forums. The kind of transition depends on the video content and the editing process in question. Most of these transitions are completely useless unless doing some kind of amateur video, if going into a pan and zoom, it is more attractive to use a zoom transition leading into it and coming out of it rather then a fade. There should be a large selection of many forms of transitions to suit the needs of the masses, not just 10 very basic ones, also there should be abilities to edit the transitions like reversing them, adjusting their length by typing it into an edit box, the behaviors of the transitions etc.

-The ability to close gaps between clips by clicking a button or right clicking and selecting close gap (rather then having to select each clip in the timeline and moving them all over manually)
reason: when editing a video, it is easier to right click between clips and click a "close gap" option rather than selecting every clip on the timeline and then manually moving them over, also clicking on the space at the end of a timeline and being able to click an option "close all gaps"

-The ability to set the royalty free music to the length of a movie by having it generate to the time length you input
reason: music in a video should have a certain flow and if one can select the length of the music to match the video they created, it gives it that flow, otherwise one has to clip the music and piece it together themselves to make it fit, which takes a lot of time and a musical ability to get it to sound right

-A larger more diverse selection of royalty free music
reason: There should be options for kinds of music to insert into a video, not every video will suit the same music genre or style, a more diverse selection saves us time from having to search for music in other sources to import into the video which we then have to edit to fit our video

-The ability to render an MP3 specifically from a video without rendering it as a movie
reason: After we have edited our videos, it is convenient to have the ability to save the music as an MP3 for use at a later time if needed without rendering an entire video and importing an entire video into a current project just to get the music from it. If we are doing a video series, then we might want the same music to be in each video or there are many many other reasons why this feature is essential

-The ability to sync multiple cameras automatically rather than manually (using sound, date/time, selection, etc)
reason: it is painstakingly time consuming trying to piece together footage from various cameras at different angles to match the sound/action within that video, many of us record the video using multiple cameras and use an external sound recorder to use as the sound in the video and manually syncing them all takes a long time and makes the job much harder, again, this is an essential feature to many of us who create our own videos.

-3D video creation
reason: Not everyone wants to make the regular 2d video, many of us would like to spruce it up a bit and make 3d videos to grab the attention of viewers, again, this is a feature in many of the much cheaper programs because they have seen the demand for it and they have accommodated the demand

-Video enhancements (colour adjust, white balancing, sharpening, clarify, etc)
reason: sometimes we didn't get the lighting just right or the different cameras recorded slightly differently or maybe it was something we video'd quickly on the spur of the moment and didn't come out just right, whatever the case may be, having the ability to make adjustments and refinements and enhancements is essential to making videos of all sorts for all sorts of needs

-The ability to jump to the end of a clip and not just to the start of a next clip
reason: Sometimes while editing, you have a gap in your clips on your timeline and you need to get to the very last frame of one clip, it is convenient to be able to click a button to skip to the last frame of that one clip rather then trying to do it manually, there is a feature to jump to the first frame of the clip, I think it was very lazy not to have the ability to jump to the last frame of a clip, serious oversight.

-Chroma keying
reason: green screening should be easy and seamless, removing this major undertaking so we can get to the other parts of the editing to create our video, this should not be a huge time consuming process with mediocre results, this is a very essential part of video editing as most of us use green/blue screening for our videos and want it to look as good as possible but not take up a massive amount of time to accomplish the task, there are 4 basic colors used in most cases, Green, Blue, White and Black, sometimes other colors (which is why there should be a color selection to select a manual color), but there should be a quick select button for a few of the more common colors used in green screening.

-The use of keying for things like pan and zoom and other animations without inserting an animation arrow that prevents new inserts in the same spot of the clip
reason: Sometimes one set of animations/transitions/features is not enough and the need to put in individual animations/settings is required to accomplish the effect we are looking for and having everything set to be put into one setting arrow which hogs that time space disallowing any other additions is completely ludicrous and hinders the concept of the video that we have in mind, a program should work WITH us, not AGAINST us, we should not have to conform our ideas to something of less quality because the program is limiting the creative process, the program should conform to our needs, not the other way around.

There are a few more but just can't think of them right at this moment. I do love this program and all the features it DOES currently have, I just think it is lacking when these other features are so necessary and are available in the much cheaper programs of this same sort. Specially when this program is (like I said) 3x the price of the others that do have these features.

Each of these features I have listed are essential in MANY video creations and I know I for one use every last one of them from other programs and then have to transfer them into Camtasia afterwards for final editing (which is a very annoying and time consuming process), I would think that Camtasia would be the leading program of its kind with options and features since it is the one with the highest price tag and considering how long Camtasia has been around.

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Thanks for this feedback,

I'm not qualified to comment on each of the points you listed, but I can say that we're actively working on providing more assets (backgrounds, music, etc.). You can find more details in this thread: