February 2017 Feature Request Round-Up!

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Hello TechSmith Community! It's that time of month again, the 15th is finally here and that means that it is time for the monthly Feature Request Round-Up! To reiterate, on the 15th of each month I will be gathering the last 30 days’ worth of Feature Requests and placing them in a single post.

The community really outdid itself with a total of 91 feature requests! We love seeing the amazing turnout and your great ideas, so keep them coming!I would like to point out that each and every feature request is reviewed, with those that have the most votes and highest community interaction are more likely to be responded to by the Product Development team (note that this does not mean that the feature will absolutely be included in a future update), so make sure you are out there championing your feature request both here on the TechSmith community forums and within in your own social and professional circles. For this month I will be updating this post on a weekly basis with the vote counts for each item.

Without further ado, here are the Feature Requests from January 15, 2017 through February 15, 2017, make sure you head to their original threads and click the "Vote" button for it to count!

Updated February 27, 2017 with Vote Counts

Camtasia (Windows):
Camtasia (Mac): Snagit (Windows) Snagit (Mac) Other

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Again, thank you for your continued support and remember, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please open a ticket.


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Posted 3 years ago

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Seth Davis

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this is a nice letter but it gives absolutely no guidance as to what issues are planned to be addressed nor when.
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One thing it does is to consolidate things suggested over the last month and provide them all in one place. That way, you can click the links and go look at the requests. Then you are able to click the icons to "vote" on them. My guess is that based on the number of likes or votes for a given feature, it begins to escalate on the TechSmith side. So a feature that is requested but gets no votes is treated a bit differently than a feature that is requested but sees perhaps 50 votes. Because by getting 50 votes, it's likely an indication that it's something they should put focus on.

I'm not affiliated with TechSmith, but I'd imagine that's part of how they are operating here.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Hi Seth and thanks for the feedback!

Though I cannot discuss features that will absolutely be added, or when the will be (TechSmith has rarely, if ever, given a hard date as to when something would be added), I can say that these Round-Ups are works-in-progress and the process will be evolving. As mentioned in the beginning of this month's round-up, " For this month I will be updating this post on a weekly basis with the vote counts for each item." Hopefully this will help provide some insight into what community members are looking for/to be added within TechSmith applications. Once next month rolls around users would want to review this post to see what has the most votes then head to those threads to see what the Product Team has to say about the subject.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

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Hi Tim!

I first want to thank you for your passion surround Camtasia and to let you know that TechSmith is listening. The purpose of the Feature Request Round-Up posts are to gather user-submitted ideas into a single location that is easily shared out to our users.

That said, in the coming days I will be reaching out to you personally to set up some time where we can get on the phone to discuss some of the concerns that you have displayed here in the Community Forums.

Thank you again for your input and I look forward to talking to you in the near future.

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You can call me on Friday, 2/17/2017, or Tuesday, 2/21/2017.  I will be unavailable all other days during the week of 2/20-24/2017.  I'm also available on 2/27-28/2017 and 3/1-2/2017.

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I have a simple request.  After the roundup is closed for the month the roundup request be updated stating two things.  The roundup for this month is closed to voting and an estimated date as to when we might be informed of the results.  Then, inform us of the results. 

Include in the results a reason for not including an item with a relatively high vote count.  In particular, let us know if an item has been selected or will forever be rejected.  An ETA would also be nice but, uh, dangerous!  :D

When will Get Satisfaction give us the ability to mute/squelch/silence individuals who would complain about perfection?  Maybe even an dislike vote! Ok, this is not the point of this post.

Roundup "Camtasia (Windows)".

As of now, here are the breakdowns of "number of votes" to "number of requests".  That is, 15 requests have a single vote.  Two of these 36 requests refer to SnagIt in the subject.
1 15
2 9
3 8
4 1
5 1
6 1
7 1

I would like to make two points.  It is unlikely we will ever get over 10 votes for a single issue.  The other is that even if there is, comparatively, high vote count it may not be selected.

We understand that some may be considered bugs and will be fixed even if they have a low vote count.  We understand that others may also have a low vote but be relatively easy to implement and they might be selected.  The biggest issue, for me and probably *ONLY* for me, is I have no way of finding out what has been selected, considered, or rejected from the list.

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All of this is interesting, but how about a post that reads something like this:

Hello everyone.   We here at TechSmith understand that Camtasia 9 has an enormous number of bugs, glitches, and modifications that our customer base has with this new, and insufficiently tested and vetted  product.  We hear you are read all of your posts.

Some of the bugs and performance problems in Camtasia 9 are easy to address while others take a great deal of time to diagnose, re-code, and in some cases, rebuild from the ground up.  But rest assured that we are looking at everything that you tell us about.

To ensure that we understand and are trying to address all of the issues you brought up since the release of Camtasia 9, I am presenting here a list of the issues that we are working on at this moment and the order in which we hope to have them resolved:

1. The impossible-to-read black background.  Our staff is working feverishly to correct this issue which tops the list of problems that you presented to us and which seems to be adversely affecting the most customers.

2. The fact that you cannot produce an MP3 file in Camtasia 9.  This is not, in reality, a bug, but a design and programming choice that we had to make.  The reasons for this are...

Such an email would be a refreshing change from the useless summary that you periodically send out such as this email which tells us NOTHING other than to tell us the various problems and issues that others have reported to you over the last 30 days.

I think that TechSmith is losing its audience and customer base as it appears that may Camtasia 9 owners, such as myself, have turned away from Camtasia 9, who are continuing to use the much better Camtasia 8.6, and are exploring other products such as the Corel Video Studio X10 suite of products which contains a module which allows the user to record the screen and then edit the resulting screen capture.

Show us that you are working on these problems TechSmith, possibly with a FREE webinar that your quickly fading customer base may attend.
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Content of Reply deserved to be its own thread as it did not add value to the topic per community guidelines.

Please reference the new conversation here: Camtasia 9 feedback / concerns
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There's only one feature you should be working on and that's 60fps rendering. We are STILL waiting!