For Recent Images - Add "Copy Path" & "Go to Folder" on Rightclick Menu & Hotkeys

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Main Take Away:  For Recent Images - Add "Copy Path" & "Go to Folder" on Rightclick Menu & Hotkeys

Hi ;)

Thanks for developing SnagIT. Love this tool and using it since a while now...

However I found it really frustrating sometimes, that there is not a feature like this, wich is really really useful in daily usage.

SnagIT doesn't have a copy path feature yet (only when saving the image - wich is too limited)

Many other programs have it, like "Everything from Voidtools*com" (really great software for windows - instant finding!" or Windows Explorer "copy Path" Function.

The Path is what we need most of the time, when uploading a picture or something to any social media, website or platform online...

And not just once, when we save the file, but maybe more often.
And we need to check the folder and copy it to another folder maybe or do something with the file.

Workaround so far is to add a folder-shortcut to Explorer "C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots" and copy the files or path from there. But better would be directly from the program.

This solution would give us what we all need: With just 2 clicks or a hotkey!

This will be a huge timesaver over the next years and will probably save 1000000 hours, when all users combined over the next 10 years....

So please check and discuss it with lead developers and add it as soon as possible in the next version!

Here is where to add this function - see screenshot!
btw: you could sort this dropdown menu by priority of usage.
No one needs to close the program in the first row... lol
Here is an Example how the DropDownMenu could be much more effective (top5)

• "Copy Path"
• "Copy"
• "Duplicate"
• "Use Template"
• "Video from Picture"

And please always show the actual hotkey on the side from the function - use variables to show the exact hotkey that is configured by user - and of course the default hotkey (wich is shown most of the time)

Note: This is a screenshot from the german version - english is the same layout.

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  • sad, it is not there yet

Posted 6 months ago

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Rick Stone

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I used to operate that way until TechSmith changed SnagIt in a way that literally changed my life with the way I use it.

My own "social media" consists of mostly the facebook and Pinterest. And with either one, I'm always using SnagIt! But I seldom ever save any files. Paths become irrelevant.

How is this possible?

Drag and Drop!

So I just have SnagIt situated on my screen so it occupies the upper right corner. Then I'm easily able to click images in the Recents tray at the bottom of the editor, then drag them to the receiving or "upload" area of the facebook or Pinterest.

I might imagine that other sites offer similar ways of interacting.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Thanks for the quick response, Rick. However...  it seems you are a mac user ;)

My Idea is as efficent as drag&drop, but much more supported, because 90% of other apps & sites don't have drag&drop support like all the big players, who makes things as efficient and convinient as possible!

This practice should be applied to all techsmith products as well.

Doing unneccessary extra steps for standard pracites isn't efficient and convinient, but many other features already are really good in snagit.

So it is time to review your products and make them even more efficient for all the standart ways possible.
Best Practices in every Step!

Looking forward to see this implemented on the changelog soon.
*I will always check the changelog!" ;)

Wish you a happy new Year!
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Actually, Rick is a Windows user. I happen to be a Mac guy who also knows Windows quite well. Like Rick, I almost never use the Save/Save As commands in Snagit. 

I could be wrong but I believe that the File menu on both platforms is "fixed" and thus not sortable -- in the interests of consistency across all types of software. 
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Ok Bob.
I know it is all possible. Even this sorting, however it depends how it was coded and how much work it is to change. I the long run those things must be optimized to get the best product.

However the main part of this thread would be to add "copy path" & "go to folder" to the submenu there on the thumbnails.
This is just really handy for every advanced user, who just need to quickly add the image to one of those many older programs or tools, that only let you choose by path.

Web Drag & Drop is more or less a novelty still and not supported everywhere.
So it's nice, that is possible and very handy, but once you come in a situation where you just would like to have the path, it will become your wish that this feature would exist in snagit (& camtasia)

So please bring it into the next version.