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Camtasia is extremely lacking when it comes to framerates, if you have a 25fps video, you have to edit it in 30fps, yet when you want to render it in 25fps the video it renders skips frames due to the fact you have edited in 30fps.

I am officially requesting Camtasia update their software to support any all major framerates (23.98fps, 25fps, 29.98fps, 30fps, 60fps & higher) while editing & keep up with the video editing standards of other software's. It is annoying that I have to render at 30fps instead of using the original framerate of the video as the quality decreases this way & frame blurs occur etc.
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Hey Folks,

For the record, editing at 24 / 25 FPS are on the backlog--I will work hard to get it done as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee a timeline (I want them too). We are not planning to support drop-frame editing frame rates (only useful if you are producing for old school NTSC TV broadcast). In the future we may consider adding frame rates higher than 60 FPS if there is significant demand and adequate performance.

The move to 60 FPS editing in Camtasia is not the cause of the rendering bugs Joe is describing / showing. Over the last two years a major rewrite of the underlying decoding and rendering engine used by Camtasia has been underway. There's a dedicated team working on that engine. The goal is to tap into the huge advances that GPU technology has made over the last 15 years, move onto a modern AV stack provide by the OS and create a performant cross-platform rendering engine for Camtasia. A cross platform rendering engine will allow us to create user facing features more quickly and consistently. The changes in how the engine decodes video moves Camtasia to a much newer low-level technology stack provided by the OS. We are slowly rolling out pieces of this new engine over several years. Phase one saw us adding this new decoding stack and additional GPU accelerated rendering in Camtasia 2018 on Windows.

Joe is running into a bug based on specific hardware and video sources that we have not been able to duplicate internally until recently. We now have a machine where we can duplicate this and the rendering team assures me they are working on a fix. Turns out specific hardware GPU / decoding stack / source footage bugs are gnarly to diagnose and fix. We are working on it. My apologies. You can still fallback to software rendering mode in 2018 using app preferences which should behave exactly as Camtasia 9 does, and you should be able to edit at 60 FPS, but with no GPU acceleration. 
Hope this helps everyone understand where we are at.

Camtasia Technical Product Manager
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