Frameratedrop in Application when recording

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I try to capture a DirectX Window (, if i do not record i get 60fps in the application, when i start to capture the framerate drops to 20frames, my frameworks says that the GPU is the Bottleneck. I guess capturing the frames stresses the GPU. In the Taskmanager Camtasia only consumes 13%(is that max because of the 8core?) Ati catalysts says 30%activity on the GPU. My setup i7 and 5870ATI SSD. Is there anything i am doing wrong? If I set the capturing Framerate to 15 i get the 60Frames in the App, but that caputre framerate is to slow for my purpose.

Thank you for your help
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Posted 7 years ago

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btw. with fraps i have stable framerate...
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Hi Robi,

Are you on Windows Vista or higher? Are you recording full screen or windowed?

If you are windowed, try turning off the Aero color scheme. Under the hood, Aero redirects the output of a window to a system buffer and re-presents it to the screen at its own pace. Capturing the screen can be very slow with that turned on. I also believe that the way we capture the screen interferes a little bit with Aero's mechanism, which is probably why your application's frame rate slows down (it has to wait on Aero).

Also, yes the 18% number in Task Manager is because of the multiple cores. 100% would mean all 8 cores are pegged, so 12.5% means an entire core worth of processing time is being used (but not necessarily that one core is pegged to the limit). It's a little confusing.

For what it's worth, if you are going to capture full-motion content with our default codec (TSCC), the performance will suffer a little anyway. That codec was designed for screen content, which doesn't change very often. Full-motion content is a worst case scenario for our compression. You may want to switch to a different codec in the video options menu in Recorder. I hear Xvid works reasonably well? In the future, we plan to address the recording engine to optimize it for all types of content.

Lastly, vvvv is a fantastic game ;-).

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By way of an update, I wanted to let you know that we've just released Camtasia Studio 8, and that one of its new features is a much-improved codec (TSC2) highly tuned for capturing motion content and all kinds of screen activity.

The first video on this page shows the performance difference between versions:

Randy's tips for eking out max performance will still apply, but you should get significantly improved framerates out-of-the-box with the new version. You can download a free, 30-day trial here:

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