free-hand sketch motion annotation?

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This is Camtasia 9.1.2 on Windows 10. I would like to annotate my video with a hand-drawn line, which is animated so that in the resulting video it draws itself. I don't find any hand-drawn annotation, let alone animated ones.
As a workaround I could import a still image from the video into Powerpoint and have Powerpoint add an animated line, which I then capture with Camtasia. Disadvantages: This works with stills, not moving pictures; Powerpoint has a "wipe" animation that doesn't really allow me to show how a line is drawn; it's very clumsy.

Does anybody have suggestions how to achieve this?
To illustrate what I require: The screenshot below shows a diagram from my presentation, to which I added a red line. I want this line to "draw itself" from left to right.

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Unfortunately there isn't a free hand drawing option in the editor but there is in the recorder so you can draw the line while recording.

Open the recorder and click on Tools>Recording Toolbars and then make sure "Effects" is
check marked.

When you click Record the effects panel will now show. Click on the pen.

Click on the effect you what to use and draw while you record !!

If you click on the down arrow next to a effect you can set option for that effect such as color. line width,  etc.

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Dubie's suggestion is an excellent approach ...

How To Use Screen Draw While Doing Camtasia Recorder Captures

you can also use this screen draw technique to make reusable sketch motion calloits ...

How To Use Screen Draw And Remove A Color To Make Sketch Motion Callouts

you can also use free Epic Pen for drawing on the screen ...

How To Use Epic Pen For Camtasia Studio Drawings
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I like geoff.devitt suggestion,
Here's a sightly more difficult approach. Lining up sketch motion lines and  placing an arrow at the end.This GIF doesn't do it justice because of the low frame rate. It's very smooth and the lines don't jump foward in Camtasia.Plus it's a vector drawn. So it's a flawless graphic. The draw tool creates a squiggly line.Epic pen is better if you have a tablet.It's pressure sensitive.

But you've got to earn it, that's the drawback. If you turn off Canvas Snapping and Timeline and Playhead snapping lining up everything is easier.