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I have found this Video on your YouTube Channel regarding the creation of freeze regions in Mac 2.4 version. I would like this same functionality to be available on the windows version as its clearly a brilliant idea and once again seems like Windows Users loose out.  I'm not sure why the Camtasia team has implemented this over 6 years ago for Mac but not in Windows.  Please bring this to the Windows version.
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Posted 2 months ago

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Joe Morgan

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That's an extremely nice feature }:>)
I agree 1,000,000%.
Got my vote!

Based on the controls and options shown at the end.It's more than a great feature in general. I can envision a number of ways to create special effects. Now I'm really disappointed we don't have it {:>(

Oddly enough, the simplicity of the Zoom & Pan feature. Is the primary reason I use Camtasia.That and I prefer their screen recorder over others.
MAC users don't have Z & P. Yet, requesting it for years.

Mac has had a nice masking feature since 2012,Windows does not.

Camtasia had supposedly become a cross-platform application Oct 2016. Yet lacks feature parody 3 years down the road?

In the meantime, they updated the Library and offered a $200 a year subscription for downloadable media assets. I don't see a problem with TechSmith generating more income for themselves.

However, they should finnish what they started first. Parody feels unlikely at this point. Some Mp3's haven't played back without skipping or jumping around since Camtasia 8 "At Least" My money's on them never correcting that.

Freeze Region is just another reminder of how things tend to work at TechSmith.

Sorry if this comes off as a rant. In my opinion, it needs to be said.Even if it falls on deaf ears.

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Hey Joe,
I agree with your comments, except ....
"Parody" is to make fun of something, like "Airplane" was to "Airport." However that describes us PC users in relation to Mac apple eaters, so I don't know if you were being funny.
I think you meant "parity," bringing something up to the level of something else so they're equal.
Put that in your pipe and Z&P it!
With respect - I honor the amount of time you spend helping others in this forum. Dr. John.
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Definitely nice features that we want to bring to Windows. Good news is that there's been a dedicated team working for the last year and a half to completely rewrite a cross platform rendering layer that will support all of the effects currently available on both platforms. The engine shipped on Windows in 2019 and we hope will be ready for Mac in 2020. Once it's done then it means we will just need to do the UI work to add freeze region, spotlight, mask and more to Windows. That's not trivial UI work, but it's much less work than the rendering. We have an ordered list of Visual FX that we'll start chipping away at bringing to Windows.

I know this doesn't help you now and there's no way to salve the wounds of the past, but I just wanted to let you all know there is active work being done that will help us move the parity ball down the field.

Camtasia Technical Product Manager
Mobile Technical Product Manager
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That's awesome news! Thanks for sharing.