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I created a Google Survey so we can help Techsmith with the development of their next paid version...

 I love Camtasia. I've been an advocate for it since version 8 and even successfully convinced my organization to move away from Flash-based e-learning and embrace the almighty MP4 with Smart Player. That said, with their new annual paid updates, I'm growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of basic options that I assume most people mass producing Camtasia projects would like to see. One of the biggest things we lost when we stopped developing in outdated versions of Captivate were the text formatting options. Adding vertical and horizontal spacing was a huge plus. However, no bullet points and forced auto-resizing of text are incredibly annoying... Text formatting in Camtasia is clunky to say the least.

Even a fraction of the options you get in design software like InDesign or Captivate will honestly be the difference between my organization sticking with Techsmith or looking elsewhere for SCORM-capable development tools. 
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Posted 6 months ago

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My guess is that starting your own feature request system, separate from the feature request system here, will gain neither user participation nor Techsmith attention. Many of us are frustrated at slow progress with Camtasia, but at least Techsmith supports users in this forum and responds to requests here.
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Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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Hey Dan,

Totally get the desire for more layout tools and richer text editing. In particular I really, really, really miss align and distribute tools. Bullets I can totally understand, but we don't hear much about that one. For now the work around for bullets is to use something like powerpoint and record it. I know work arounds stink, but if you have bullet heavy workflows I'd record them there.

The good news is that many of the areas you want to see improved are being actively worked on. I'd be happy to help get you set up in our beta program if you are willing to try things out and provide constructive feedback on what we are working on.

Our SCORM functionality is very basic. We typically recommend other tools if you need tons of LMS level functionality integrated. We have and are continuing to focus on video. There are folks on our cloud team who work on the Smart Player SCORM functionality who monitor these forums. I'd encourage you to look for Ben Rhodes and bend his ear for what you would like to see.

I'm also happy to have our research team facilitate a customer call where you can tell us about your workflows and emphasize what need to accomplish your goals. I'll sit in on the call and you can give it to me straight.

Interested? Reach out to b[dot]andrus[at]techsmith[dot]com

Camtasia Technical Product Manager
Mobile Technical Product Manager

P.S. Dave is correct that hosting your own surveys doesn't help us or other users a lot. Totally get it's well intentioned. Talking directly with us or through official tools is always your best bet on the feature request front.
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Hi Dan,

Notwithstanding what Brooks has said about the inefficacy of surveys, compared with direct feedback, while I can understand how a survey could be useful, assuming enough people respond, and you collate the responses in a meaningful way, you also need to ensure that your survey is fit for purpose.

I've had a look at it, and none of the questions are relevant to me, nor others like me. What you've done - understandably I suppose, given it's your area of use - is concentrate solely on e-learning,  but many of us don't use Camtasia for that. I don't know exact user numbers, but I would suspect that just as many people use Camtasia as an easy to use, but still very effective video editor, for making films/videos, as there are people who use it for e-learning projects.

The survey also fails to asses which version people are using, and on which platform. MacOS and Windows versions have differences to them, each having features that the other doesn't have. Even if TechSmith gradually try to make them more similar, the packages on each system have different evolutions, so are never likely to be identical, however similar they might become. Furthermore, I have Version 2 of the MacOS package on one machine, and Version 3 of it on another, and there are big differences between them as well. Some of what you want may exist on previous versions, or different platform versions to what you are using; I don't know.

The point is that the survey should be much bigger, and it should cover all angles: Features that were lost between versions that people want restored, good features that they want to keep, features that are (or have been) on one platform that people want on the other, features that they've never seen on either platform but would like, and critically, what Camtasia is used for by each respondent.

It would need to be structured, and it would be rather complex to create, so I totally understand why you haven't done it, but I think it reinforces and amplifies what Brooks has said - unless of course you'd be prepared to create & manage a survey of that scale and complexity.

What concerns me, and the reason I have taken the trouble to write all this, is that, as your survey stands, the results could unfairly skew feedback to TechSmith, because of its narrow focus. As Brooks, says, I completely understand that it's well-intentioned, but I think the results could actually be potentially unhelpful to Camtasia's rather broad church of users. Hence, I'd like you to consider scrapping it, and dealing directly with TechSmith, as Brooks suggests.

Kind regards.

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Joe Morgan

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Any and all feedback is prejudiced  to the subject at hand. I see no harm in collecting the information.
The questions seem pretty general to me.

Most people don't explain themselves, their workflow, what version of software they are running. Or provide anything more than their vote when voting for ideas. Granted, they can't vote no. So I see your point. Don't get me wrong }:>)

However, no matter how carefully crafted. I don't believe you can create any survey that covers all the angles.I would deem that an impossibility. Making all surveys biased to some degree.

It's up to TechSmith to muddle through the results and glean what they might. 
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Yes, I know what you mean, Joe, though I didn't think the questions to be quite as general as you do.

Don't tell the polling companies that they can't make an unbiased survey though.  It's a fair point, but don't tell them :-)
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Good's an informal Google survey... The point wasn't to give Techsmith 
a comprehensive data set that they could use to guide future development. Obviously. The point is to continuously bring up these ideas over and over until they finally get added to their future enhancement list. 

Much of the work I do is on behalf of software/system development projects so I'm painfully aware of how much work goes into every "small" change or addition, but I strongly encourage Techsmith not to take the little things for granted.  I really do love Camtasia-- I use or have used Camtasia for countless projects beyond e-learning at work and at home. Camtasia is a workhorse of a program and my go-to when I want to do a quick and dirty video edit or am asked to create a software demo.

I would encourage Camtasia to conduct their own comprehensive survey with the people like me who use Camtasia in a professional setting (and are also the ones who give software purchase recommendations to our organizations, which end up buying dozens of licenses to Techsmith products).  When 2018 came out, I told my employer we could skip it. There weren't enough useful new features to justify the expense. When 2019 came out, they added things like auto uniform audio output (or whatever it's called), vertical and horizontal text spacing, share asset libraries, and the ability to easily edit library assets without having to ungroup and pick apart everything. That upgrade was worth it.

Techsmith, if you're listening: Basic editing features are probably the biggest reason I'd recommend my organization upgrade your project. 60 FPS wasn't enough to justify purchasing 2018 as we never film in 60 fps (most people do not...). Vertical and horizontal spacing--that was enough to justify 2019. 

Bottom line: Please don't ignore the small things. Also, expect me and others to bring these small things up every chance we get.