Grabbing the edge of media placed on the timeline, should be much easier to do.

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Ever since Camtasia 9’s release. There have been posts regarding
how difficult it is to grab the edge of a clip on the timeline.Heres one such posting.

I haven’t experienced too much trouble with it. Although functionality falls far short of ideal.

My 32” 2560 x 1440 monitor. Has a pixel density of 91 pixels per inch. My 23” 1920 x 1080 monitor has a pixel density of 95 PPI.

Why should this matter?

Well, with Camtasia 8. A double arrow appears as you hover over a clip/medias edge. There’s a point at which the cursor changes from a cursor to a double arrow. While its positioned to the far left of the center point of two adjacent clips/media. Then as you move to right, it turns back into a cursor.You can record this action with a screen recorder.

That's what I did.I used Photoshop to analyze what was occurring. 

With Camtasia 8 theres a “workable window” I’ll call it. It spans 7 pixels from right to left. Using my 91 and 95 PPI monitors. It’s fairly easy to select and drag the clip of your choice. But could be easier yet.

Camtasia 9 came along and reduced the Workable Window to just 4 pixels. That’s very little travel overall. Users wasted little time reporting difficulty's with the change.  

I do most my work in Adobes Premiere Pro. They don’t use a double arrow. The icon changes to one that points to the left or right.

 Premiere Pro has a workable Window of 19 pixels. That’s nearly 5 times larger of a Workable Window to work with. And almost 3 times the area Camtasia 8 utilizes.

The action is effortless in Premiere Pro. I never gave it this much thought until today. The very large area afforded to you, seems self-evident of what should be changed in Camtasia 2019. Correcting the problem and addressing 3 years of complaints at the same time.

4 pixels of travel when using a 4K 27-inch monitor. Would be a very short distance. With a pixel density of 163 PPI.      

Regards, Joe

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I am not sure of the difference on my end (maybe the screen), but I actually believe the tolerance on my end is probably just a single pixel. It is very difficult to select the correct spot and I often have try 3-5 time to get it...which usually comes with a sigh of relief. The truly disappointing aspect is TechSmith claims this is a design feature (demonstrating they aren't too interested in addressing it). And the fact that it got worse from a prior version indicates so.
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I often have to move one piece of media away from the other in order to easily grab the piece of media. 

I find I sometimes struggle in the same way with Reaper's DAW, but they at least have it to where the cursor will indicate which way you're pulling the media - the left-hand or right-hand clip.  

My first version of Camtasia was V9, so I never got to play with V8, but in terms of the things that I do the most frequently, trimming clips, setting down annotations -- it almost sounds like it would have been an easier workflow.