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Your products started with Snagit - a tool. Pretty much the whole world loved it. Now it's bloated and not much fun and not very efficient.
Then Camtasia which was a tool. It still pretty much is and not many complaints.
Then Jing which could have been huge except everyone was just oh too precious about experience and style and the TechSmith way instead of using common browser and Windows paradigms and we pretty much ditched it. Jing wasn't bad but the sharing Web site is what I'm actually complaining about. It sucked royally in terms of not working and being hard to figure out what little it did do.
Now your App is so cute except I haven't a clue what it really does
A not quite so precious company that cared about its users would have given immediate access to a video which showed it in operation. If there was such access then you managed to hide it better than ever.
So, we may upgrade Camtasia if it keeps being a tool but the rest of your offerings are just too artsy fartsy for this guy who has to work for a living.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi John,

Wow, sorry to hear that you're upset! I use a LOT of software tools throughout the day too at TechSmith (I'm the video production specialist in our marketing department), so I can definitely understand how certain ways that an application functions can get in the way in their attempt to be helpful! I will say one thing though, after working at TechSmith for seven years, one thing everyone does care about deeply is trying our best to make software that makes people happy, while being productive at the same time! If you have some specific suggestions about what isn't working as well as it could for you, you should definitely post them (right in this thread could probably even work, I know we have multiple product managers that keep their eyes open in here for feedback).

Ok, with that said...I see that you were looking for just a straight-forward video that can get you up and running quickly (and I think the product you were looking for help with was Jing; if I'm mistaken, my apologies, let me know and I'll track down the correct product). We actually have a really great training department that spends a lot of time making some pretty awesome training content for all of our products. A great introductory video for Jing can be found here:

If you want even more Jing tutorials, you can find them all here:

And finally, if you want to see ALL of our training content for ALL of our products, that can be found here:

Sorry you had trouble finding it; I'll be happy to pass that feedback along as well. We're always looking for ways to make our website more useful for our users, and finding better ways to expose our existing content is certainly one way to do that! :)

Thanks so much for your feedback John!


Kelly Rush
Video Production Specialist
TechSmith Corporation
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Wow is right!
Contrary to what most people might think, we really want to hear what you have to say about our products. So... thank you for being real and honest!

Now, if you are also trying to use, it might be intimidating at first. But, the good new is, we have a Help Center that is filled to the brim with written and video training materials to help you get going.

Here is a link:

The first topic on that page says it all: "Need help getting up and going with your new account? We have three downloadable PDF documents to help you learn the basics of using" is actually a very robust file hosting solution. What I love most about is there are no ads. If you share content with others, you will never see those ugly, irritating mortgage ads here!

Also, I don't know of any other sharing solution that is free that allows you to upload any kind of file and share it in so many ways. Have a video.. upload it. Have a PowerPoint presentation with that? Add it as an attachment. Need to update the video with a newer version? You can do that too without breaking your links! Want to create a custom front end so your viewers see your logo and corporate look? Go Pro and you can do that too!

So.. I think if you give it a go, you will learn to love it like so many others do!!
And, as Kelly said so well.. if you have specific feedback to give us... we're all ears!

Thanks again for the feedback,
Kelly (one of the "other" Kelly's)
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Kudos to John for being real and expressing and sharing his feelings and feedback. That is what TechSmith needs from users in order to know what they would like and not like to see in their software. I can say from personal experiences that TechSmith has always been great at listening to what users like and dislike about their software applications. This is why in my opinion that user feedback is a great thing and gladly accepted by TechSmith so they can know what their users would like to really see in future versions of their software applications. Not all things on a wish list or requested list will make it into the new versions but, they are not left out in the cold either, they are just on what I like to call a temporary back-burner. I have never found any software application that is perfect for everything I want to accomplish with using it but, I know TechSmith does listen and their employees do care about what the users have to say. It is nice to know that TechSmith does understand without users they have no products that people will want and the staff in my opinion know that user feedback and developing new features is what keeps them employed.

I would also like to say Kudos to both Kelly and Kelly for their responses and feedback to a user in a professional and sensible matter. I would agree with both of their solutions and like the feedback they have given. Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping us informed on the subject. Have a great Camtasia Studio Day to all.
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"pretty awesome training content" "awesome" is not a business term. Your programmers are great but your website is childish.
"TechSmith employees are here to help." I would hope so. How do you think that you have to splash this on a bright green background ?
I had to send in a question several days ago in relation to:
"We want to hear from you! Tell us what makes you go yay, boo, or meh. Dream big and tell us what problems you wish we were solving for you. We're all ears!"
to ask support why you want to hear from us but the only clickable link is to a YouTube video ? Dear, Mommy and Daddy love you. We just f**k with your mind because we're so awesomely smart and artsy. Stop that. Get real.
"Kudos to John for being real and expressing and sharing his feelings and feedback."
Maybe you'd get more real feedback if you were more real.
And then on the submit a question page you have four tabs - question, idea, problem, praise - I chose problem but as the Continue button is clicked all the feedback references "question". So you're making us initially feel like we can categorize our feedback with some presumed benefit like getting to the right group sooner. But no - that was just some cute front ending and then it's "Mommy and Daddy really love you. We just can't get over how cute we are. Hope that doesn't scramble your brain."
As I said in my initial post TechSmith could have had an awesome tech feedback tool - a billion dollar tool - in Jing but it was just so much more fun to parade your cuteness.
Let me put TechSmith in perspective. Apple is a company we love to hate because they are very full of themselves. They are nowhere as full of themselves as TechSmith marketing and support.
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Hi John - if this forum isn't helpful to you or you're not getting the help you need, let's connect another way. I'll shoot you an email.

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