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Does Techsmith have any plans for H.265 support?
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Posted 2 years ago

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They might do it for Cam9, but those of us who have stayed with Cam8.6 in order to retain MP3 export capability will be out of luck and have to re-encode using some other program if we want H.265.

Bear in mind that I have been a happy Camtasia user since the beginning -- even back when a dissolve would freeze the last frame of video.  I like Cam8.  I would have liked to see Cam9 retain the functionality and export capabilities of Cam8, and I was prepared to spend money to upgrade -- but the reports of audio issues, crashes, plus the loss of that export option, made it less attractive to me.
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I am running Cam 9.1 and can assure you H.265 isn't supported.  But, all things considering this is a minor issue.  I have a dash cam that records in H.265, but can be changed to the more standard H.264 format.  At times I make short videos taken from incidents recorded on the dash cam and thought since H.265 is slowing making its way up in ranks that TechSmith would do some upgrading.  Maybe someday.
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This is one of the features I really hope to see happen. If you have a CPU that is optimized for H.265, as I do with my i9, MacBook 2018 and ScreenFlow (which supports a lot of export formats), the files are not only more compact, they FLY during the render. I consider Camtasia my favorite editor, but the rendering side is where I hope the 2019 enhancements occur!
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Not worth upgrading until they can support the H.265 codec, which decreases the file size of .mp4 exports dramatically.  It's honestly easier just to open a Zoom session and click on Record, which will give you several hours of video with a file size around 500MB. 
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Thanks for the feedback which is very helpful on how we prioritize our list of features we plan to support in Camtasia. 

Camtasia doesn't officially support H.265 yet, but the latest release (2019.03 build 4809 as of this writing) does work with H.265 (decoding) by following notes below:
* You will need to have Windows 10, older OSes are not supported;
* If you have an early version of Windows 10 (eg: build 1709 or older), it is likely you don't need to install any additional files and Camtasia renders H.265 just fine; if you have Windows 10 build 1803 or newer, due to the changes from Microsoft, you will need to install a Windows store HEVC codec add-on following this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/hevc-video-extensions-from-device-manufacturer/9n4wgh0z6vhq?active... (free download)
* Camtasia works with majority of H.265 encoded files we played with (eg: H.265 movs/mp4s from iOS, Android or other devices), but we do see some H.265 encoded files won't render correctly;
* Rendering H.265 is more resource intensive than rendering H.264 encoded streams, so it is likely you would need newer machines to get accepted performance rendering H.265 files.
* Encoding to H.265 file is currently not exposed thus you won't be able to access that functionality in Camtasia for the moment.

The information above is more for Camtasia Windows, but in our initial tests, the latest Camtasia Mac also has the similar situation, eg: it works with most of the H.265 files we tried (no add-on is needed), though again we saw some of them won't render correctly.

If you have any additional feedback or have H.265 files won't render in Camtasia, please do let us know.