Harmonize sound levels accross videos used in webinars

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 am using Camtasia Videos and other external Videos in webinars using Adobe Connect. Sound levels vary across the videos. How can I achieve a similar sound level for all videos? Is there any best practice or defined value? In Camtasia under proberties I can regulate the sound referring gain, sensitivity and amount. Are there any recommended values? How should I set the sound levels at my computer for my headphones to compare if a video is to loud or to quiet? I really would appreciate also some background reading. But the best would be to have a number for the audio sound. Thanks a lot. Stella

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Posted 1 year ago

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I'm going to suggest you contact the support team at Adobe Connect. Since you're hosting the videos on their platform.

Camtasia 2019 has a Auto Volume Level feature. When enabled it will level the volume of all the audio clips and set the volume levels to a Broadcast Standard setting/level of 18 LUFS.
In a nut shell.LUFS is a volume leveling standard. [loudness units relative to full scale]
I inquired as to why TechSmith chose a Broadcast Standard for the setting in this forum. They never replied back.
You see, broadcast standards are for television broadcasters.

Some Pod casters like 24 for a wider range.

Music streaming, You Tube,etc. is a wild west of sorts.With different services, choosing different settings.

If you search the web. You'll find other users applying other standards.On all different platforms.

So picking the right setting is not cut and dry.
I think TechSmith should have included the ability to select what LUFS setting/output you want to use.
Because it's such a wide ranging standard. I realize as designed they had to pick their poison, chose something. I think the inflexibility should be addressed.

If Adobe Connect says 16 LUFS is what we recomend. Camtasia's 18 LUFS is probably close enough.

If they say 24, well. I'm no sound expert. But I'm thinking you definitely don't want to use Camtasia's auto sound leveling. And you need to process your audio through a program that can get you where you need to be.

I use Adobe Audition myself. I can chose any LUFS settings I want. Audacity is a free audio program that can do a majority of the things Audition can.It can probably do LUFS as well.

First things first. Contact Adobe support.Go from there.

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Dear Joe,
Thanks for your reply.
I have no updated with Camtasia 2019 and will check it out.
I very much appreciate your in depth comments.
Have a great day,