Have more than one project open at once

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I would like to have more than one project open at once, with the ability to copy/paste clips from one project to another.
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Posted 2 years ago

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you can do this now; put both projects in Library; put both projects on timeline; jump back and forth as desired
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James M.

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I've seen this suggestion a few times. To me it seems like a "workaround". I'd actually like to continue to treat my projects as separate, but be able to copy and paste assets between the two.
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That "pollutes" the project with the project that you are copying from, and it increases the chance of making an error.  It's far cleaner to have two projects in separate windows and just C&P the desired elements.  THANKS!
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Is it still not possible to have two projects open side by side? And I mean actual projects, not groupings of elements like in the video of kayakman below?
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Agree with James M and AnnelotteBollen above. The workarounds provided in this thread are not ideal for large projects that are long and contain many objects. Preferably, I'd like to have two Camtasia windows open simultaneously as long as my computer's performance wouldn't be compromised too noticeably.
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the validity of the "idea" notwithstanding, there are several "workarounds" that enable you to do this now

perhaps this tutorial might be helpful ...

How To Work With 2 Projects At Same Time In CS9
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Great Ideas.

I personally like the First method and Last method you showed. 
These methods will help me during different projects.

Thanks for the Ideas  kayakman.
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Any updates to this? Is the possibility of two Camtasia windows not likely to ever happen?
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Yes, it would be FANTASTIC to be able to look at two projects simultaneously.  Currently , I would like to do a side by side content comparison. Because my projects are complex it takes awhile to load a project so going back and forth is really tedious
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open one in Camtasia 9, the other in Campasia 2018; alt-tab between them
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The simple answer is that, as of today, you can only have a single instance of Camtasia running.
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The lack of this capability creates a lot of useless work. Developers think that all users, each time create a completely new content that is not related to the previous one.