Having two ISSUES with Camtasia 2019

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I'm having two issues after upgrading to Camtasia 2019. The first issue is, I use multiple monitors and I always detach my Canvas and put it on my other monitor in full screen. Now, in Camtasia 2019, when I try to do full screen the Canvas automatically shifting to my Laptop screen(I use extra two monitors with my Laptop). Is there any solution available? This is very frustrating. And the second issue is, whenever I try to put a transition in between two videos, the Canvas size automatically reduces its size! 
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Posted 10 months ago

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I can confirm the Canvas shifts from a secondary monitor to the Primary Monitor when put in full screen mode. I cannot tell you if this is a bug or not?
I use my primary monitor for the canvas.So I've never witnessed this behaviour in the past.

When I went into settings. Changing my Primary Monitor to a secondary. It remained on the primary when going into fullscreen mode. Or jumped over to it from the secondary.

If you change your primary monitor setting.Your other programs,browsers,etc. Will open there as well.So this is probably less than ideal. You might have to ask tech support if this is the expected behaviour.

As far as transitions changing the canvas size goes?
This is a known bug. I haven't upgraded to the latest version so I don't know if thats been addressed? 20219.0.7
There are some  reported bugs with the newest version. You may not want to upgrade yet?https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/latest-update-video-goes-black


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Well, I just used Camtasia 2018. If I place the canvas on the secondary monitor and go into full screen.
It remains there as it should be.
However, I cannot exit fullscreen mode using the escape key.LOL, it appears to be another bug.

I tried Camtasia 9. It works the same as 2018, except the ESC key works as it should.

Both Camtasia 9 & 2018 are the newest version of the program.

For what it's worth. Joe
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By your description, it sounds like you are using three monitors: Two external monitors and your laptop screen.  That is  almost the same setup I have.  (I have three external monitors hooked up to my laptop, and the laptop itself stays closed.) 
The fullscreen mode for a Detached Canvas only appears to work on Windows' Primary  display.  If your laptop is still your primary display, then that is where the canvas will go in Fullscreen Mode.  The workaround(?) is to make one of your external monitors Windows' Primary Display.  Then, take your main Camtasia window (with the timeline) and move that to your other external monitor. Now you can have your timeline on one external monitor and your canvas fullscreen on the other.  Your laptop screen will remain unused with Camatasia.

(Windows 10 is smart enough to recognize different hardware configurations.  So even if you set your external monitor as the Primary Display, when you disconnect from it, Windows will automatically default back to your laptop's screen as the Primary Display.)

Your second issue with the canvas restoring to a smaller size when you apply a transition happens to me also.  That is rather annoying.  That is definitely a bug.