HEADS UP - Camtasia 2019.0.5. Now Available For Download As A Free Update

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Build is 4959
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Posted 11 months ago

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Thanks @kayakman for the Heads up.  

Thanks Brooks for the "We still love customers, even if they don"t purchase the next release"  

Every little  or big update helps the mental psyche

Upgrade  (fixes).

8 August 2019: Camtasia (Windows) 2019.0.5

  • Camtasia now displays single user license keys during login
  • Select webcams in the Recorder identified as USB Video Devices in Device Manager
  • Fixed bug that causes imported MP4s loudness calculation to hang
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Camtasia from exporting for Mac


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Now if only they'd add incredibly useful and basic features like letting us make bulleted lists and turn off the auto text resizing... 
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Auto sized text is something I loath, Legacy callouts let you chose a font size that didn't resize itself.
Camtasia 2019 no longer has legacy callouts. Auto size is all
that's left.

As far as bulleted text goes, Hit Ctrl + Shift + L and several options become available.
With Legacy callouts only.
Heres my Camtasia 2018 screen shot of them.

So you've mentioned 2 features TechSmith recently tossed. They rarely give back what they take away. And it's aggravating as can be.


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Me two months ago to my boss: "I think we should upgrade from Camtasia 9 to 2019. The 
new version lets us vertically and horizontally space text and adding text to assets is easier, which will help me train noobs."

Not having any options for bullet points in 2019 seriously just F***ed me over. I have to train about a dozen people on how to use Camtasia and the templates I'm building. I suppose it's my fault--I never considered a program like this would NOT have that option. Now I'll have to go back and create a workaround for no bullet points.  I'm training a dozen people to mass produce hundreds of training modules--I'd love it if we had the time to not rely on bullet points but it just isn't realistic. 

I've worked with software developers and done their comms and created their training...I'm guessing auto-resizing text and no bullet points were engineers thinking "Look at this cool thing we made and by getting rid of options we're like some trendy and intuitive smartphone app instead of a serious design program!"

I dare Techsmith to launch a poll with users asking for their opinions on whether or not people should be forced to use auto-resizing text and not have access to bullet points.

Case in point, their online forum has more text formatting options than their latest version of Camtasia...