HELP: Camtasia 8 is adding random audio glitches to produced files

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I'm a longtime user, and Camtasia 8 (PC) is suddenly adding noticeable random audio pops and glitches to my current game teaser videos during production. 

The glitches sound almost like record scratches or pops and show up randomly in the produced MP4 video files. I'm outputting to MP4 with SmartPlayer (up to 720p).

I've verified and reverified that the glitches do not occur in the music or sound. They do seem to coincide with a video transition (and where no sound should change).

The quality of the glitches also changes with each output -- one production to MP4 will give me a decided loud "glitch" sound, while another render of the identical footage may give me a fainter "tic" sound.

I've never had this issue before, and the video teasers I'm working on are only :30 and :60 respectively, and are super short to produce and render.

Any help would be appreciated -- I'm on deadline and outputting these for a client and nothing I do seems to make a difference.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Joe Morgan

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If the audio is in the MP3 format,  that's probably what's creating the problem.

I would replace the existing audio with .wav .

You can convert it to wav using Camtasia using the technique shown below.
Click Image To Enlarge.

Just import the exported file and use it to replace the one on the timeline.

If that's not it.

Provide us with more details of the problem you are encountering and perhaps a screen shot or 2.

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I would like to know if you recorded the audio yourself or if it is from another source ? If that is the case and it plays alright then not in Camtasia Studio after production or in the preview ?

You can do as Joe said above but that does not always give the best results as I have found when converting audio to another format for example .mp3 to .wav there can still be issues pending on the format and settings others used for the audio. But it may give good enough results to work with what you are doing.

My first preference is to always save my audio when recording it as I do it separate from the video for a professional video and if just a quick one I do them both together. But I prefer to recrd to the .wav file as it is a lossy codec and does not compress the audio as bad. Some feel it does not compress it at all but if you do research you will find different but it is not that noticeable compared to the way a .mp3 will compress the audio. These are my experiences from working with audio for many years and recording my old band and other musicians and using pro audio equipment for my screencast videos. The changing technology is hard to keep up with at times in my opinion too,

Anyway take a look and try a few of these options and see what works best for you and post back here for others to see and it would be nice to hear your feedback. Thanks for posting and have a great day/night.

Best Regard ~ Fred.
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Hi Fred and Joe,

Thanks for the response.

The audio is a soundtrack file from my client -- a single music *.WAV file -- so the format shouldn't be the problem.

The irony is that I use this SAME audio file for the 1:30 and 60 second demos and it exports perfectly with no issues. I even use the same files. The 30 second file just uses shorter video excerpts.

But the 30 second video consistently outputs with audio glitches at the 27 second mark varying from a slight "tic" to loud unpleasant "glitch" sounds -- it depends on the session as to the sound.

I've found that if I completely restart and then cut and paste the final video bit right before processing, it doesn't always appear.

But there's definitely something wrong here, and it's really frustrating. Thanks for any further input you can give.

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From my standpoint you've covered most of the basic audio issues one normally encounters. Sounds like "Pardon the Pun" it's time to dig a little deeper.

Tech support is better equipped to dissect and isolate the problem than I ever will be. They got electronic gizmo's and analyzer thingies. 

This is a Free Service. Submit a ticket at,

Or call, >>>

 Toll Free: 800.517.3001 (U.S. & Canada Only)

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST Monday through Friday

Regards, Joe