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I get in a muddle editing captions after uploading and needing to fiddle with the project.

My workflow is to script and record my voiceover and then build the presentation around it.  I need to get text endorsed prior to building the video.  My experience is that the endorser thinks that editing a video is as easy as adding a bullet point to a Word document!

After my voiceover is done and approved, I build the video and then upload it to YouTube.  I upload my script which will be word for word, the voice over and get YT to do its magic thing with the captions.  Then I import them and make the few necessary tweaks.

On a few occasions, I have tried to make more serious edits to the captions and this has got me so muddled up, it has led to completely starting again.

What I want to know is the correct technique if I want to split or cut the caption file.  Say for example, I want to cut a portion of the voiceover and then put it back in somewhere else?  Or perhaps, just split the caption track and move the later portion forward to create some space for an extra graphic.  It seems to me that the captions are still there and if i then subsequently extend the caption clip a bit, the captions I don't want, come back.

Is there a way to cut a portion of the caption track and make it actually cut it?

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Place the playhead where you want to. With the caption selected, use the split function o the timeline.

Move split portion to wherever you wish. Select each caption and delete repeated words.


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If you do a lot of caption editing, I suggest that you use the free and very robust Subtitle Edit software. The captioning feature in Camtasia is a feature that is fine for occasional creation of captions, but it is not an efficient captioning tool, and it’s pretty clunky to edit with at its best. Actually editing captions after syncing in YouTube isn’t part of my workflow, but it is a better choice than editing in Camtasia. My editing tool of choice for captions on a PC is Subtitle Edit, and on a MAC it is MovieCaptioner (not free). I hope this helps!
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Thanks to  you both Joe Morgan and @susannemistric.

Joe, I can already get to that part but my problem is a bit nearer the guts, I think.

I am just doing a video now where I have downloaded the caption file from YouTube, converted it to .srt and when I get it imported the timings are off.  Not just a tad but quite a lot.  So I start the laborious task of tweaking each caption cell and eventually, get one huge segment with a tiny or no caption in it.  So, i do the split at playhead thing and remove some of that extra spaced and then need to pull the rest of the captions down to fill the gap.

Now the fun starts.  The caption clip won't let me drag out the end and if I drag out the beginning, it just reveals the segments I deleted!  It's an arse.

I like your suggestion @susannemistric but the Mac option looks a bit pricy for me and besides, in the week I dropped my MacBook Pro on a hard surface that proved the theory for me, that they don't bounce.