Highlight the cursor and clicks in SnagIT

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I would like to be able to highlight the cursor and clicks in SnagIT. The way I can do in Camtasia. Is this on the road map?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Assume you are the owner of TechSmith.

Tell us what you think the incentive would be for the development team to continue adding "Camtasia" type features to SnagIt.

If SnagIt did all Camtasia does, why would folks ever purchase Camtasia? It would have to die. Then you would have a product that does all both products do and SnagIt would have to increase its price to cover things. And I'm not sure folks would appreciate perhaps a  400%+ price increase.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Yes Rick, you are correct, I do own both Camtasia and Snagit.
I think you push this a little bit too far...) My question was just an inquiry that would make my life as a user much easier. And you should always focus on the user right?:)
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I've never seen any posts from TechSmith saying they would add it as a feature. I think it's misguided to think adding it would be a threat to Camtasia.
Without the editing capability's of Camtasia.

SnagIt's pretty much a dud in the 'Ol video department. No quizzing, no editable cursor, no text, no animations, NO Nothing.
 Poor audio quality at best.

A  $12 tool like PointerFocus  is a hassle but it works.I'm thinking 95+% of computer users  are fully aware these products exist.
 I've seen PointerFocus referenced to several times in this forum, complete with URL.
So I might as well follow suit.  http://www.pointerfocus.com/buy.html

 You could try posting it as an Idea. It was changed to an idea a long time ago and went nowhere.https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/cursor_highlighting_in_snagit_videos
I don't know if anyone has tried since.I couldn't find a thread if it exists.

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How about simply because it's a great feature & the users have requested it. Your reply is an "I don't give a crap what you want" response. I'd love to have this feature added.
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I don't think he want movements unless he is talking about video clips I think what he wants, is when he makes a snag it image of say a menu that he can show by pointer click what would operate↖︎ or bulls-eye series of circles.
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I figured out a way to fake it. From windows in your mouse options there is an option to tap the ctrl key to cause a ripple affect where the mouse is on the screen. While showing where you are clicking in the video just tap the key at the same time you are clicking. It is really awful we have to hack it this way, when snagit records the cursor anyways. 
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These seems like it would be a simple addition to SNAGIT but it would also be wonderful addition for users.