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Yeah, thanks Mike. I'm well aware of how many hot keys there are, notwithstanding that Techsmith moved the page that the hotkeys were listed on, the page which still comes up as the first item in a Google search, without bothering to redirect it. It's now on a page that gives no indication of the version number, notwithstanding the way Techsmith keeps changing shortcuts without giving you an option of customising them:

Now try reading what I actually wrote.

The shortcut for adding an audio point is... where? The command to set the audio level by typing in a value rather than playing clicky-clicky-draggy-draggy of the volume line is... where? The command to move to a specific time location and set it as the starting point the way you can in Premiere Pro is... where? The command to move to another time location and set it as the end point without playing clicky-clicky-draggy-draggy is... where? The closest you can get to that is to get to approximately where you need to be then use , or . to adjust the start position, then hold down shift + . to tick your way slowly along to the end point but if your start point is just slightly out, you get to go through the whole process again. (Golly gee Mike, it seems like I do actually know some of the shortcuts, I know them almost as well as I know that for any extract that is longer than a couple of seconds in length it takes at least twice as long to do this in Camtasia as it does in Premiere Pro.) Of course I know that almost as well as I know that I can find the right starting point in Premiere much more easily because Premiere has at least bothered to include the ability to play back at varying speeds. Space bar, then Shift Plus L to go faster, Space plus J to go slower, Miike. Perhaps you'd like to point out to me where the equivalent is in Camtasia; oh, that's right, that ability doesn't exist in Camtasia so you either sit through the whole thing at normal speed or you follow some ridiculous kludge of a workaround to compress the time of the actual content and hope that you don't break any of your clips in the process.

The command to type in an exact pixel size for a callout rather than the stupid, inconsistent "scale percentage" is... where? The command to simultaneously remove a section of a video AND split the timeline so that you can add a transition (because they can only be added between splits) is... where? The keyboard shortcut to add your preferred transition without needing to clicky-clicky on the transitions tab is... where?

The place where you customise shortcuts in Camtasia Studio, not the recorder, is... where? Oh, right, of course... you can customise a whopping 8 of them. 8. One more than 7, even. And even those don't work properly because if you hit, for example, Shift + T to add a transition you get the last transition that you added, so hey, great if you work with only ONE transition, pretty easy to get wrong if you work with two or three since you can get the wrong one quite easily. Unlike, say, oh, I dunno... allowing you to set hotkeys for the specific transition that YOU want to assign to that hotkey.

Point them out to me Mike, so that I can become as enlightened as you.

I did not at any time say that Camtasia had NO shortcuts, but that in terms of what it does have there are some ridiculous omissions like the audio ones, and with the exception of the recorder, Techsmith does not believe in allowing customers to customise commands to fit their own way of working. The lack of customisable UI is just another reflection of this, incidentally.

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