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I want to have buttons that jump to different parts of the timeline upon getting to the end of its length. It seems like it’s set up to be possible... instead of pausing at the end of a button, if nothing is selected, jump to this part of timeline. It would allow for substitutions. Let’s say a button with a hotspot appears, if it’s clicked, it is not clicked, it continues. If it is, the user can alter the part they are watching by directing to another part of the timeline (like you already can)... but when that video would have is finished/picked, etc. I’d want it to automatically Jump back to the end of the original so that it continues on the main timeline seamlessly. Is that possible?
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  • fine fine. satisfied.

Posted 2 months ago

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Hi Rob,

Unfortunately this is not currently possible with the TechSmith Smart Player.  Thank you for the detailed feature description.  I'm going to change this to from a question to an idea.  We have heard similar branching requests for video content and we continue to look at what we can do in this area.

Sorry I don't have anything for you today,
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No problem. Thank you! As I was writing, I knew I was forgetting of another use case and that would be to simply keep the player looping. Maybe an element could start moving in a certain way, this movement could then be continued indefinitely (just like a when a button requires clicking to move forward... kinda the opposite actually I guess). I think the other case I was thinking of would be to have a button loop itself or just go back in time. That way you wouldn’t necessarily have to pause at the end. You could repeat. ex: at end- go to 20 seconds earlier. On click go to somewhere elsewhere). Thanks!

On my portfolio site it could be an alternate way to keep the loop going indefinitely without code. Or pause to stop. My test project I’m using camtasia for is the MIDI-Link project!
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From where I sit and what I've seen with things like Camtasia and the Smart Player I think this should be totally "do-able". I come to Camtasia with an additional familiarity with Adobe Captivate. And while the products are actually different, I don't really see the Smart Player and all it does as being all that different from Captivate.

In Adobe Captivate, it's mostly "slide" based. But overall, it's referred to as a "video" when you generically talk about it. As such, each slide offers an ability to trigger actions. The actions can be triggered when a slide is entered or when a slide is exited. 

Note that I'm not suggesting that Camtasia offer all the interactive programming Captivate does. I mean, Captivate has the ability to perform lots of calculations and branching and whatnot in its advanced actions. I might imagine that would be WAY beyond what the Camtasia team would want to tackle. Although, should they decide to, I would certainly welcome it!

But it seems to me that Camtasia is somehow able to "know" when a hotspot appears and what to do when it has been clicked by the user. And it also "knows" when to pause the hotspot. So it seems reasonable to assume that programming could be created to allow it to use the "jump to time" or "jump to marker" capability instead of pausing.

One thing that would also be helpful would be to offer some kind of a way to allow running some JavaScript code as a result of a click or using the scenario I proposed above.

Just some Saturday musings from a demented old man.

Cheers... Rick :)