How and when does the original media clip get reduced?

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I recorded a Camtasia screen capture that was about 35mins long, and the project file is ~700mb.  I then started edited and was exclusively using Ripple Delete to trim the bloopers.  The length of the file video/audio is now around 18mins, but the file size of the project is still 700Mb!  Why is this so?  Why is the media file not reduced with the deletes?

MBP$ du -h *.cmproj
688M    bpmn-demo-final-removed-maven-build-v1.cmproj/recordings/1527091991.316801
688M    bpmn-demo-final-removed-maven-build-v1.cmproj/recordings
4.0K    bpmn-demo-final-removed-maven-build-v1.cmproj/media
689M    bpmn-demo-final-removed-maven-build-v1.cmproj
688M    bpmn-demo-final-v1.cmproj/recordings/1527089710.377173
688M    bpmn-demo-final-v1.cmproj/recordings
4.0K    bpmn-demo-final-v1.cmproj/media
690M    bpmn-demo-final-v1.cmproj
688M    bpmn-demo-page2ok-missing-json.cmproj/recordings/1527088939.751774
688M    bpmn-demo-page2ok-missing-json.cmproj/recordings
4.0K    bpmn-demo-page2ok-missing-json.cmproj/media
689M    bpmn-demo-page2ok-missing-json.cmproj
688M    bpmn-demo-page2ok.cmproj/recordings/1527080184.501837
688M    bpmn-demo-page2ok.cmproj/recordings
4.0K    bpmn-demo-page2ok.cmproj/media
689M    bpmn-demo-page2ok.cmproj
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Posted 2 years ago

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the answer should be "never"
Most video editors today are "non destructive", meaning they don't change the original media.
Ripple delete just means that it moves the timeline over accordingly.
When you export, the file you generate should be smaller...
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thanks Jack.  That makes sense, I was just not expecting it.
When I exported to mp4 (default export settings), the file size of the MP4 dropped to 495Mb, which I don't get.  I have not been able to fathom out the settings needed to get large size (on screen), but lower file size videos.  I just now have taken the 495Mb Camtasia mp4 and converted it via handbrake to a 33Mb mp4 file, so looks like it it possible - just need to find the settings that are making it so !
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As Jack mentioned, we are a non-destructive video editor.  So your original recording brought into Camtasia is never modified.  When you cut sections out on the timeline, you are basically telling the editor at what point in the recording do I stop playing the previous clip, and where in the source recording do I start playing again.  Everything in between is skipped, but the recording itself is not modified at all.
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Video compression is a complicated art and science. I like to leave it to the respective experts (unless you have a lot of time and processing power on hand). After exporting a video and using the default settings, I either run it through Handbrake, or load the file to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Best to give these services the largest file "most information) you can, and let them re-encode at the best/most efficient/highest quality for what they do.