How are Members....... Merged, Feature Request VOTES Respected and Processed ?

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 TechSmith, you created this Thread Adjust the UI color & contrast
You've merged the posted  UI improvement ideas from at least 9 other members into this thread.
This morning, there were 12 votes in favor of your  "New and Posted Idea" for the UI.

This afternoon, after merging everyone elses ideas. There now appears to be 69 Votes cast in favor of This Idea.Adjust the UI color & contrast

I went through and counted the votes cast in the other threads. By my count there were 48. So 48 from the 69 you have now. That means you picked up 9 more today for Your Idea.
Which seems realistic. Considering the most votes cast in any one thread was 16.

So here's the main Question,
Did you merge all of OUR votes into YOUR Votes and apply them to what TechSmith is proposing? 

At the very least. You've kind of muddied the waters here.

Unless a member is proficient in forum usage.They may have no idea they can vote for other members ideas.
It requires first hand knowledge of clicking that link to take them to the original post.
I was a member for over 2 years before I realized that. 

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  • Clairty is needed

Posted 3 years ago

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Should I even ask questions anymore?

It's  a legitimate question. Yet there is no posted response.

You haven't answered my other question either.  Under this thread.

An option in Camtasia to choose a lighter UI or choose your UI color

I only want someone to define what Choose your UI color would look like? If you exepct members to vote on a feature you intend on implementing.
Then   why won't you answer my simple question? If choosing purple as a color looks like this.
My vote is no.

So , If you find question to much of a bother to address. Maybe you could give me Wendy's E-mail address. I'd love to talk to someone who seems to care.

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Hi Joe;

When a merge happens votes/me too's as well as the followers are carried over to the new thread, and the old thread is closed; users wishing to see the replies and comments within the original thread can click on the link provided in the merge notice. Voting on the old thread is unnecessary and does not affect the count of votes on the new thread.

You are welcome to contact me directly at if you need to discuss anything offline or privately, and I can then escalate to the appropriate leadership member if it is necessary.

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Hi Joe;

After talking about it internally with various members of product and TechSmith leadership, we'd like to point out a few things.

  • We agree that the UI thread in question (seen here) was a bit vague and we understand the concern being expressed. We fully understand that any potential solution involves color scheme (contrast, text, etc.) and not just a background color change.
  • Right now, users are not voting on Customer A's UI redesign/mockup versus Customer B's UI redesign/mockup, rather they are voting on the overall priorities of UI color/contrast improvements versus (as an example) reversing video or other popular requests - e.g., what customer pain points to solve next. Regardless of which of these ideas we proceed with, we will work with customers throughout the development process to ensure the implementation solves the pain point. That said, constructive respectful debate about alternative solutions is encouraged in the Idea threads.
One thing to note is that we do have more customers posting on the forums than we have employees in the entire company. So please do give us the patience that it will often take several days, potentially longer, to respond to a post. If the above points do not clarify the purpose behind the particular threads, feel free to reply here or reach out to Robert directly (

-Team TechSmith