How can I made text size grow with animation?

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I am trying to create a simple animation where the text size grows.  I used to be able to do this, so I know it's possible.  It's been so long that I forgot how to do it.  I am dropping an animation on the text callout and increasing the scale with the slide bar.  The box size increases, but the text stays the same.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  I'm using 8.6.   Thanks in advance!

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Posted 12 months ago

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I use v8.6 and just ran a few tests, both with a background and without -- in all 3 cases, the text changes size.  Here is what I did:
1.  Create the callout in the size and position you want at the end.
2.  Place the marker somewhere in the the clip (anywhere is fine -- you can trim later).
3.  Select "Add animation."  Stretch out the animation arrow to give you some room to move (you can adjust timing later).
4.  THIS IS THE "TRICK":  Place the marker in the middle of the animation and AGAIN select Add animation.  Now you have two animations joined at the hip.  Do NOT move the marker.
5.  Use the Scale slider to shrink the text down to 1%.  Now your right-side animation arrow goes from 1% to whatever the end point is.  The left side animation does the opposite (goes from end to beginning).  You want to get rid of that left side piece and save only the zoom up, but the two arrows are joined at the hip.  It's time for part 2 of the "trick" (separating those two animation segments).
6.  WITHOUT MOVING THE MARKER, click on the clip itself, and insert a SPLIT (Edit --> Split).
7.  Now your left side animation is in its own clip, separated from the right side -- and you can delete it.  The right side clip opens with the text in a 1% size and zooms up to final size.  Adjust final position, run time and size to personal taste.  Serves 6.
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I think Windows broke Camtasia 8 for a little while, or permanently?
I tried to apply a standard re-size animation by grabbing the outside bounding box, and resizing it. But the text would not re-scale with box.
I did a repair install of Camtasia, a complete reinstall.Nothing worked.That was last weekend.

Today, it works again. I created 2 text callouts and applied animations.

Heres those animations in motion.

Now, I started with 16 point text. And the largest scale is around 125 as a size. This technique doesn't re-scale the text as a vector. So it's got a soft edge,  but compared to the headache associated with  RG's technique.
I'm sure this must be the easy way to resize text careerservices1485 was looking for.

Oddly enough, you cannot re-scale the text from larger to smaller using the same technique.Same goes for the Legacy callouts in Camtasia 9. I didn't test any further.I've spent enough time on this already. I think windows may have broken legacy callouts? I didn't think to try the legacy callouts in a newer version of Camtasia last weekend.They seem to behave identical to version 8 today.

TechSmith got rid of legacy callouts in version 2019.The new ones re-scale using properties and Scale.

My memory is you could re-scale the text box size up or down using scale properties in Camtasia 8 as well.

I don't recall rescaled text blurring either. I would normally catch problems like that.Like today. At the same time, scaling text up as an animation is something I rarely do. So I could be remembering this wrong in some aspects?

For what it's worth,Joe
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I remember it being easier back when v8 was new, and I'm not sure what changed -- although I agree with your suspicion that it has to do with Windows changes.  After I posted my multi-step workaround, my PC updated to Win10 Pro release 1903.  Will check to see if this affects the process.
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for future reference go to animations > animation tab > scale up and add it on the text or image