How Can I Position Captions in Camtasia Studio 9?

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How Can I move Captions in Camtasia Studio 9?
I want to put the caption in that red rectangle please

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Posted 2 years ago

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You can not manually move captions.  Camtasia default for captions is set to be ADA compliant.

You can in the caption options justify the text, change the font, color, etc. but doing so will make it
non- ADA compliant.

To do what you want to do (at least in Camtasia) you may have to use callouts and add the text  to them and position to where you want.
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I hope add this option as soon as. :(
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Captions are not manually moveable in CS8 either.  However, in the formatting section (font type, size, color, etc.) there is a dropdown box that allows positioning all captions to the left, center, or right.

Dubie suggested using a callout.  I didn't want to spend much time on this but here are two images that show the difference between a callout (top) and a caption (bottom).  the background was changed to show that they look remarkably alike.  The major differences SEEM to be that a callout has square corners instead of rounded, can be moved to any position, much more control over formatting.  Captions have an index, of sorts and can be moved to three positions.

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Camtasia should improve this in next version. I hope it, it's necessary :)
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This discussion was before Two years. we are in 2019. And this is still a big frustration. Please work on this.
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We Need This Option ... Plz add it
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I agree. It is ridiculous that there is no possibility to change the location of the captions. 
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You are not able to just place the Captions in any location you want in Camtasia. The Captions are either burned into the video(s) which is automatically placed and gives you the option for the viewers to turn them off and on if the video(s) are hosted on your own website or YouTube will not recognize these Captions created in Camtasia.

The other option is to have the Captions below the video(s) but you have to then keep the aspect ratio(s) of your video(s) in mind as it will put a small box below the video(s). Not sure what the size of that is as I have never produced a video using that option.

However if you wanted to do a long work around I guess you could try to use Text Callouts and put them in that and try to line/synch everything up but that would be more work and time than I would personally put in to get that result.

I am not a video expert so I cannot say if they can just be placed or implemented to be placed anywhere in the video but I know they are ADA Compliant.

When you think about watching a Television Show or a Movie with Closed Captions you notice that for the most part they are all on the bottom of the location as to not interfere with the video. So I am just curious as to know why you would want them in a different location and what purpose it would serve.

Thanks for posting and if you have any input to share on why you would want that option let us know. Have a great day/night.