How do I add custom-made Step shapes?

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I would like to use a circle shape with a border I have created in Snagit as the Steps shape. How do I load this shape into the Steps shapes?
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Posted 5 months ago

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Joe Morgan

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Theres a way to "Back Door" a custom step design of your own.

However, as of SnagIt 13.
TechSmith changed up the rendering engine.
You can't add borders to them any longer.
Heres some of the ones I designed for SnagIt 12.
Pardon the lack of antialiasing. I was working with images. With the intention of fine tuning them in Illustrator.

Gradient colors or highlights were possible.
Border colors were fixed. They would change colors in direct relation to the fill color applied.

The above image was saved as a .snag in Version 12.
Heres what happens to them in newer versions of SnagIt.
Yuck {:>(

You can still create custom shapes. But a border is off the table.
Yielding to bland, boring with few details.

If I were creating documents in a professional setting. Like image tutorials for a large corporation.
Keeping them simple is probably best. There are people with visual impairments and other things to consider.
It doesn't mean I support the change. 

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Rick Stone

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Sooooo,  exactly HOW does one go about setting this up so the shapes are used as steps? You mentioned some "back door"? 

Does this mean that this "back door" method totally dovetails into the steps tool and shows up as selectable types of steps? Or are you simply using them as stamps, where you must select the number you need when you add it to the image?
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Joe Morgan

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It's 100% the Step Tool.

The SnagIt UI won't accommodate more than 4 step styles/options. You can add more then 4, but they won't show up in the Steps Panel.

So I create and replace existing steps with my design.

Heres a couple of SnagIt 12 examples.

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Rick Stone

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Cool, part of the mystery solution has been revealed. What about the rest? For example, you mentioned using the Steps tool but you also mentioned something about SNAG files? So you do what, exactly? Create an image and save as a snag format file and presumably save it somewhere special on your hard drive so the steps tool recognizes it?
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It's best to use a vector graphics drawing tool like Illustrator.
You export the shape as a PDF.
SnagIt doesn't work for this purpose.

For SnagIt 12 and previous versions. I've used various colors to get where I wanted to be.
SnagIt PDF's are created at 175 x 175 pixels or so.
You can make them larger if desired.
However, the starting scale of a larger one is also larger.

Thumbnails depict the new style in SnagIt 12.

Starting with 13 thumbnails are not used. The shapes are baked into  the UI.
Quick style icons follow suit.

SnagIt 13 through 2020 pdf's work perfectly using 50% gray as the color.

Replacement PDF's must be named exactly the same as the default ones.So every one you replace, deletes a stock asset.The UI is hard-coded to 4 step styles.

This image shows the location of the Steps folder for SnagIt 12. Which is a 32 bit program.
If you run a 64 bit version you look in "Program Files"

You simply swap out the PDF's. You need administrator rights to do so.

You can save copies of the originals for easy swap back.
Its not necessary, as a repair install will restore "All" the originals for you. If that's what you want.
If you have copies, its easier to restore one or more.Without disrupting the others.