How do I record full screen on my second monitor?

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I'm running Camtasia in Windows. I have two 24-inch monitors.

I can't seem to figure out how to record full-screen on my second monitor.

I can record a selection on the second monitor, and I can record the primary monitor full-screen, but I don't see a way to specify "Full screen" for recording the second monitor.

(For what it's worth, with SnagIt, I have no problem choosing either monitor for full-screen recording, but I don't see how to record the second monitor full-screen with Camtasia.)


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Posted 3 months ago

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How have you had Windows configure the two monitors? Clone or stretch? Rt click an open area on the desktop and click "display". Now click "identify". Monitors #1 and #2 will ID themselves.
I have three 24" HD+ (1920x1200) monitors and have no problems. Adjust the Camtasia recording size in a selected area and drag its center (navigator cross) to either monitor. 
That said, my 3 are driven by one video card (an older GTX 970). I can't say what happens if 2 or more video cards are involved, but it shouldn't be different.

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Thanks. I'm not sure we're on the same page, though.

I am using one video card, an older one as well (NVIDIA GeForce GT 630). The two 24" monitors are both plugged into the same card (both via DisplayPort). They have independent displays -- it's set to Extend but of course it's not as if the system doesn't know how to select "full Screen" on either monitor (just about all programs know how to distinguish the separate monitors).

I'm sure I can still "drag" across the screen but that's not the same as telling Camtasia to record the Full screen -- and I still don't see a way to do that for the second monitor.

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So Jay Newman,

Its easy, It really doesn't matter which monitor the recorders toolbar is located on.In the image below its on the monitor on the right.   Just use "Select area to record"under custom.
I have a 2560 x 1440 monitor and a 1920 x 1080 monitor. So my dual monitor screen shot may look odd.

Select a random area on the second monitor.

When the toolbar pops up. Hit the Fullscreen button.


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Yup. Got it now.

Part of the challenge for me was in adjusting from the behavior of Snagit that I was accustomed to, and part of the challenge was realizing that it seems Camtasia always defaults to selecting an area or the full screen on the previous monitor you made a selection on.

It seems the only way (or the only way I found so far) to change monitors is to "drag" the selection box to the other monitor -- and then one can hit "Full screen" again if that's what they want.