How do I rotate a video/callout/image on the Y and X axis, using the dot on the center of the image?

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I tried, but it can only be used to rotate on the Z axis.
Using the properties tab is hard because I can't control the specific angle, I have to guess the degrees. I'm using Camtasia 9.

I tried using this dot,

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Posted 2 years ago

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The green dot is strictly for Z rotation.

If you click inside the Y , X or Z rotation box of the properties panel you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control rotation.

If you hold down shift before pressing the arrow key. Rotation changes rapidly.


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Also, the white circles (discs) on the property panel are actually dials. You can "dial around" on each of the three axes (moving the black dot inside the disk) to set the angle as well, which can be useful if there are multiple objects on the canvas and you can't easily grab the green dot without selecting something else.

Personally I find it easier to just punch the angle into the box. If the numbers don't come naturally to you as you've indicated you can experiment with the dials and dots and so on to graphically get it to roughly where you want, then just take note of that the angle is for next time.
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you can also just enter the value you want in degrees
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I didn't realize that, Mal Reynolds


You may already know this.

Once you click inside the circle.If you continue holding down left click. You can move the cursor outside of the circle.
Then you can change the X,Y and Z values slowly with more control. Theres less room to work with at the upper corner of UI.
But you can place the cursor as far away from that small circle as your computer display will allow. The further away it is placed, the more control you have.

I can even drag it over to my other monitor on the right.

You can do the same with the Green rotational dot on media located on the canvas.  A lot of people seem to be unaware of that.
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Another way to manipulate the object is to press Ctrl+Alt+Shift then click and drag the object. But it's likely more precise to use the other methods described.
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Interesting, actually Ctrl + Shift gets it done. Hitting Alt just triggers crop mode.

I didn't like it at first.It effects all 3 rotational axis's at the same time. Things get out of wack in a hurry and you can't recover easily.

I discovered "With practice"if you grab the media strategically.You have more control. Grab the corner or edge you want to effect the most.That's part of the battle.

Then, Drag methodically. Shoot for mostly straight up and down or horizontal movements. If you're not getting the movement you want, release the media and grab another corner or edge.Drag some more.

For certain things, like in the image below.It can be faster than screwing around in the properties panel. Once you get the hang of it.

FORGET PRECISION. It's not possible, every drag effects all 3 axis's differently.  This is for visual alignments only.